SWITCH: Implementing Cisco Switched Networks

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This is a five-day course designed to help students prepare to plan, configure, and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions for campus environments using the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture. Hands-on labs are incorporated along with lab debrief sessions to ensure delegates obtain the full benefit from the practice scenarios.

These skills are validated in the Cisco CCNP® Routing and Switching certification, a professional-level certification specializing in the routing and switching field.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze Campus Network Designs
  • Implement VLANs in campus networks
  • Implement Spanning Tree
  • Implement Inter-VLAN routing in a campus network
  • Implement a highly available network
  • Implement high-availability technologies and techniques using multilayer switches in a campus environment
  • Implement security features in a switched network
  • Integrate WLANs into a campus network
  • Accommodate voice and video in campus networks

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Analyzing Campus Network Designs (3 topics)

  • Enterprise Campus Architecture
  • Cisco Lifecycle and Network Implementation
  • Lab 1-1 debrief

Implementing VLANs in Campus Networks (6 topics)

  • Applying Best Practices for VLAN Topologies
  • Configuring Private VLans
  • Configuring Link Aggregation with EtherChannel
  • Lab 2-1 debrief
  • Lab 2-2 debrief
  • Lab 2-3 debrief

Implementing Spanning Tree (5 topics)

  • Spanning Tree Protocol Enhancements
  • Describing STP Stability Mechanisms
  • Lab 3-1 debrief
  • Lab 3-2 debrief
  • Lab 3-3 debrief

Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing (4 topics)

  • Describing Routing Between VLANs
  • Deploying Multilayer Switching with Cisco Express Forwarding
  • Lab 4-1 debrief
  • Lab 4-2 debrief

Implementing a Highly Available Network (4 topics)

  • Understanding High Availability
  • Implementing High Availability
  • Implementing Network Monitoring
  • Lab 5-1 debrief

Implementing Layer 3 High Availability (4 topics)

  • Configuring Layer 3 Redundancy with HSRP
  • Configuring Layer 3 redundancy with VRRP and GLBP
  • Lab 6-1 debrief
  • Lab 6-2 debrief

Minimizing Service Loss and Data Theft in a campus Network (5 topics)

  • Understanding Switch Security Issues
  • Protecting Against VLAN Attacks
  • Protecting Against Spoof Attacks
  • Securing Network Services
  • Lab 7-1 debrief

Accomodating Voice and Video in Campus Networks (4 topics)

  • Planning for Support of Voice in a Campus Network
  • Integrating and Verifying VoIP in a Campus Infrastructure
  • Working with Specialists to Accomodate Voice and Video on campus Switches
  • Lab 8-1 debrief

Integrating Wireless LANs into a Campus Network (4 topics)

  • Comparing WLANs with Campus Networks
  • Assessing the impact of WLANs on Campus Infrastructure
  • Preparing the Campus Infrastructure for WLANs
  • Lab 9-1 debrief

Labs (15 topics)

  • Lab 1-1: New Hire Test
  • Lab 2-1: Design and implement VLANs, trunks, and EtherChannel
  • Lab 2-2: Troubleshoot Common VLAN Configuration and Security Issues
  • Lab 2-3: Implement Private VLANs
  • Lab 3-1: Implement Multiple Spanning Tree
  • Lab 3-2: Implement PVRST+
  • Lab 3-3: Troubleshoot Spanning Tree Issues
  • Lab 4-1: Implement Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Lab 4-2: Troubleshooting Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Lab 5-1: Implementing High Availability and Reporting in a Network Design
  • Lab 6-1: Implement and Tune HSRP
  • Lab 6-2: Implementing VRRP
  • Lab 7-1: Secure Network Switches to Mitigate Security Attacks
  • Lab 8-1: Plan implementation and Verification of VoIP in a Campus Network
  • Lab 9-1: Integrating Wireless in the Campus


Delegates should hold CCNA certification. Practical experience in installing, operating and maintaining Cisco routers & switches in an enterprise environment is recommended.

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