Oracle Database 11g Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs

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This Oracle training course is designed to give delegates practical experience in deploying an Oracle 11g Database on Enterprise Linux. It will benefit Database Administrators who need to deploy an Oracle Database in a Linux environment.

The delegates will practise:

  • Configuring Linux for an Oracle Database Installation
  • Viewing and installing packages on a Linux system
  • Monitoring memory, CPU and I/O activity and performance
  • Identifying the different kernels and memory models available for Linux
  • Creating a database and listener
  • Customizing a database to utilize Linux features
  • Implementing storage options for an Oracle database on Linux
  • Enabling a large SGA
  • Tuning an Oracle Database on Linux
  • Debugging database errors specific to Linux

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Introduction to Linux (13 topics)

  • Linux Overview
  • Kernel Version Information
  • Common Linux Commands
  • The Linux Directory Structure
  • Linux Utilities and Directories
  • Navigating the File System
  • The Linux Server Interface
  • Linux Web Server Utilities
  • Processes and Threads
  • Devices
  • Filesystems
  • The Virtual File System
  • Bash Shell Scripting

Configure Linux for Oracle (7 topics)

  • Kernel Configuration Parameters
  • Set Shared Memory Parameters
  • Set Semaphore Parameters
  • Manage Packages
  • Configure the ASM Library Driver
  • Configure the X Window System
  • Create Oracle Users and Groups on Linux

Install Oracle on Linux (10 topics)

  • Storage Requirements
  • File System Security
  • Set Environment Variables
  • Create Oracle Directories
  • Manage Multiple Versions of Oracle Software
  • Pre Installation Procedures for Linux
  • The Oracle Universal Installer
  • The Installation Process
  • Post Installation Procedures for Linux
  • Testing and Validation of the Installation

Manage Storage on Linux (4 topics)

  • Storage Requirements
  • Certified and Supported File Systems
  • Disk Partitioning
  • Automatic Storage Management

Automatic Storage Management (5 topics)

  • Overview of ASM
  • ASMLib
  • Configure Disks for ASM
  • Create an ASM Instance
  • ASM Best Practices

Create the Database (8 topics)

  • Select the Storage Mechanism
  • Assign ASM Disk Groups in the Database
  • dbca Log Files
  • Installation Log Files
  • Instance Dump Files
  • Background Processes
  • Server Processes
  • Process Hierarchy

Customize Oracle on Linux (7 topics)

  • Linux Startup Sequence
  • Linux Runlevels
  • Database Startup and Shutdown
  • Administrative Scripts
  • Manage Services with chkconfig
  • Automate Jobs
  • Server Parameter File

Manage Memory (4 topics)

  • Configure Swap Space
  • Evaluate the Memory Usage
  • Implement Hugepages on 32-bit Linux
  • Enlarge the SGA

Linux Tuning Tools (6 topics)

  • Tune CPU
  • Tune Memory
  • Measure Memory with sar
  • Monitor and Tune I/O
  • Use iostat
  • Reduce I/O Bottlenecks

Tune Oracle on Linux (4 topics)

  • Size Database Blocks
  • Configure Multiple Database Writer Processes or DB Writer Slaves
  • Configure Automatic Shared Memory Management
  • Tune Linux for Network Performance

Debug Oracle on Linux (5 topics)

  • OS Watcher
  • The Remote Diagnostic Agent
  • Trace Processes with strace
  • Deal with ORA-600 Errors
  • Deal with ORA-7445 Errors


There are no formal pre-requisites. A working knowledge of Oracle Database Administration and of operating system concepts is required.

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