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A content delivery network (CDN) is an infrastructure that helps organizations deliver static Web content, rich digital media, and everything in between, to employees, vendors, partners, and customers worldwide, in the fastest amount of time at the lowest possible cost.

Fee or subscription-based CDNs are attractive because they can increase a network's performance, scalability, and reliability. They can enhance content availability, efficiently move large files closer to end users, and help curtail travel and business training expenses by supporting e-learning applications. The CDN is a clear alternative to the often costly solution of establishing multiple points of presence to address the performance problems inherent in delivering Web-based content on a global scale.


Upon completion candidates will be able to:

  • Describe the key methods used for Multimedia Content Delivery
  • Specify the network requirements for successful Multimedia content delivery
  • Identify key delivery parameters that affect quality of experience
  • Size the CDN for quality delivery
  • Engineer successful Content Delivery for new applications


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Identifying the Content (9 topics)

  • Key Multimedia Services
  • File download
  • Music Download
  • Progressive Download Video
  • Paced Download
  • Streaming Live Services
  • Content Encoding Issues
  • Video and Audio Codecs for Content Delivery
  • Transport Streams

Key Delivery Methods (10 topics)

  • Client demand-pull systems
  • Peer to peer Systems
  • Video on Demand
  • HTTP delivery
  • RTSP
  • Server streaming solutions
  • Real-Time multicast streaming delivery
  • Impact of Player Technology
  • Flash
  • Silverlight

Delivery Performance and Quality (8 topics)

  • Elements affecting user perceived quality
  • Bandwidth considerations
  • Delay issues
  • Variation in delay
  • Reducing the impact of packet loss
  • Accelerating the time to picture
  • Engineering queuing
  • Measuring Demand

Sizing Delivery Paths and Services (6 topics)

  • Estimating demand
  • Partitioning the network service
  • Sizing traffic flows for key delivery methods
  • Minimizing path length
  • Techniques for caching and service acceleration
  • Selecting the delivery technology for the application

Content protection and Security (4 topics)

  • Setting the content protection objectives
  • Conditional access techniques
  • Encryption technology considerations
  • Digital Rights management for Content storage and delivery

Putting the Service Together (4 topics)

  • Example content delivery designs
  • Locating key server technology
  • Commercial content delivery software
  • Case studies


Expected Pre Enrolment Knowledge Level:

Delegates should have a thorough understanding of IP and WAN networking and also have had exposure to IPTV technologies

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