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This course is designed for functional implementers or anyone who requires a full functional foundation for further R12 E-Business Suite training. Delegates will learn how to navigate within R12 Oracle E-Business Suite.  They will be able to explain in concept the major architectural components of R12 Oracle E-Business Suite. They will be able to describe the features and benefits of Multiple Organization Access Control (MOAC). Delegates will practice defining Key and Descriptive Flexfields. They will be able to identify shared entities across the R12 Oracle E-Business Suite. They will learn the key features and benefits of R12 Oracle Workflow. They will be able to describe the basic tasks and concepts behind R12 Oracle System Administration. Finally they will learn how to work with Oracle Alerts.

The delegate will practice:

  • Navigation skills
  • Managing Application Security
  • Defining an Application
  • Managing Concurrent Programs and Reports
  • Managing Profiles
  • Administering Folders
  • Defining Key Flexfields
  • Working with Additional Flexfield Options
  • Defining Descriptive Flexfields
  • Viewing the Workflow Monitor
  • Viewing Workflow Worklists
  • Testing a Workflow Process

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Introduction (7 topics)

  • Introduction to Oracle R12 Applications
  • Shared Entities and Integration
  • Introduction to System Administration
  • Introduction to Flexfields
  • Introduction to Multi-Org Access Control
  • Introduction to Oracle Workflow and Alerts
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence

Navigation (15 topics)

  • Login and Logout of Oracle
  • The Navigator Functions Tab
  • The Navigator Top Ten List
  • The Navigator Documents Tab
  • The Navigator Processes Tab
  • Oracle Window Features and Terminology
  • Oracle Form Features and Terminology
  • Flexfields
  • Icons
  • Enter Data
  • Find Data
  • Attachments
  • Folders
  • Profile Options
  • Oracle Help

Introduction to Oracle R12 Applications (9 topics)

  • Oracle Applications Suite
  • Internet Computing Architecture
  • Product Suites
  • Forms Server and Forms Client
  • File System
  • Introduction to System Administration Tasks
  • System Monitoring in Oracle Applications Manager
  • Form Personalization
  • Personalize Oracle Applications Framework Pages

Shared Entities and Integration (11 topics)

  • Shared Entities
  • Key Business Cycles in eBusiness Suite
  • CRM Application Foundation (JTA)
  • Key Business Flows
  • Changes to Architecture in Release 12
  • Legal Entity Architecture
  • Ledger Sets
  • Accounting Engine (SLA)
  • Transaction-based Taxes
  • Inter-company Accounting
  • Multi-Org Access Control

Introduction to Systems Administration (20 topics)

  • Overview of Application Security
  • Responsibilities
  • Define a New Applications User
  • Define an Application
  • Register an Oracle ID
  • Data Groups
  • Application Oracle ID Pairs
  • Data Groups and Application Object Library
  • Relate Data Groups to Forms and Programs
  • Applications, Forms and Programs
  • Application Oracle ID Pairs
  • Manage Function Security
  • Use the Navigator
  • Navigator Menu Displays
  • Exclude Functions and Menus
  • Create and Alter Responsibilities
  • Define and Modify Menus
  • Additional Flexfield Options (Cross Validation, Shorthand Aliases, Security Rules)
  • Manage Profiles
  • Manage Concurrent Programs and Reports

Introduction to Flexfields (35 topics)

  • Flexfield Overview
  • Customize Oracle Applications with Flexfields
  • Flexfield Components
  • Customize the Flexfield Appearance
  • Validate Input Using Value Sets
  • Value Sets with Flexfields
  • Key and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Key Flexfields
  • Intelligent Keys
  • Accounting Flexfield Example
  • Descriptive Flexfields
  • Reference Fields
  • Oracle Applications Descriptive Flexfields
  • SRS and Flexfields
  • Flexfield Benefits
  • Store Flexfield Values in Database Tables
  • Flexfield Implementation Steps
  • Value Set Planning
  • Types of Value Sets
  • Value Set Attributes
  • Format Validation
  • Format Types
  • Format Translatable Value Sets
  • Values Validation
  • Define Value Sets
  • Predefined Value Set
  • Select a Value Set for Value Definition
  • Define Values for a Value Set
  • Alter Value Definitions
  • Value Hierarchies
  • Define Value Hierarchies and Qualifiers
  • Intelligent Keys
  • Key Flexfields
  • Oracle Application Key Flexfields
  • Oracle Applications Descriptive Flexfields

Introduction to R12 Multi-Org Access Control (3 topics)

  • Benefits of R12 MOAC
  • R12 MOAC Setup and Process
  • R12 Multi-Org Reporting

Introduction to Oracle Workflow and Alerts (38 topics)

  • Workflow Overview
  • Oracle Workflow with Oracle Applications
  • Example Workflow Processes
  • Workflow Concepts
  • Oracle Workflow Components
  • Supported Process Constructs
  • Extending the Code
  • Item Types
  • Processes
  • Functions
  • Notifications and Messages
  • Attributes
  • Lookup Types
  • Standard Activities
  • Applications Integration
  • What can be Customized?
  • Notification System
  • View Notifications from a Web Page
  • Email Notifications
  • Workflow Monitor
  • View and Respond to Notifications
  • Grant Worklist Access
  • Define Vacation Rules
  • Monitor Workflow Processes
  • Purge Workflow Data
  • Workflow Data
  • Workflow Purge APIs
  • Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data
  • Purge Parameters
  • Oracle Alerts
  • Oracle Alert Process Overview
  • Exceptions
  • Event Alerts
  • Periodic Alerts
  • Action Types
  • Action Levels
  • Alert Implementation Steps

Introduction to Business Intelligence (15 topics)

  • Versions
  • Daily Business Intelligence fundamentals (Terminology, Daily Business Intelligence for Financials, Common Concepts)
  • Fusion Business Intelligence Fundamentals
  • Fusion Integration points with e Business Suite
  • Fusion Terminology
  • Fusion Intelligence for e Business Suite
  • Guided Navigation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Oracle BI Components
  • Requests (Reports)
  • Star Schema
  • Subject Areas
  • Web Catalog
  • Navigation
  • Fusion Financial Intelligence

Workshop Exercises (11 topics)

  • Application Security
  • Define an Application
  • Manage Concurrent Programs and Reports
  • Manage Profiles
  • Administer Folders
  • Define Key Flexfields
  • Additional Flexfield Options
  • Define Descriptive Flexfields
  • View the Workflow Monitor
  • View Workflow Worklists
  • Test a Workflow Process


A general awareness of the business processes to be managed and the areas of the eBusiness Suite being used or implemented in the delegates' own organization would be advantageous.

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