Planning and Implementing the IBM TotalStorage DS8000 for zSeries

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Learn about the high level design of the IBM TotalStorage DS8000 series and identify the installation and customization tasks that are necessary to install and exploit the technology. Explore the components of the IBM TotalStorage DS8000, including the 2107 server, the Storage Management Console (SMC), IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Storage Manager (DS Storage Manager) software, and the terminology of the IBM TotalStorage DS8000 including, Disk Drive Modules (DDMs), array site, array, rank, extent pool, and logical volume. Learn how to install, cable, and configure the DS8000 system using the IBM TotalStorage DS Storage Manager Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the IBM TotalStorage DS Command-Line Interface (DS CLI). Complete labs on the DS Storage Manager using the offline simulator mode of the DS Storage Manager.

This is an intermediate course for storage administrators, systems programmers, IBM System Engineers (SE), and support groups who install and maintain the DS8000 in the zSeries environment.


  • Describe the benefits of the DS8000 switched Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) device attachment and Self-Learning Cache Algorithms (SARC)
  • List the implementation tasks involved in installing and implementing a DS8000
  • Describe the FICON configuration requirements for a DS8000 configuration
  • Explain the zSeries Host Attachment considerations for the DS8000
  • Use the DS CLI and Storage Manager GUI to configure and maintain the DS8000
  • Use Time Sharing Option (TSO) and Device Support Facilities (ICKDSF) commands to invoke copy services for the DS8000
  • Discuss the tools available for monitoring the performance of the DS8000 system
  • Implement DS8000 Copy Services functions and scripting using the DS CLI

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Overview of the DS8000 hardware

Overview of /DS8000 components and architecture (4 topics)

  • DS8000 hardware
  • Storage Managment Console (SMC)
  • Extent pools logical control units (LCU) and volumes
  • New terminology

Planning for the DS8000

Implementation of the DS8000 (5 topics)

  • Configuring and managing storage pools
  • Describe the use and configuration of LPARs in the DS8000
  • Managing volumes and logical unit numbers (LUN)
  • Configuring and managing filesets
  • User interfaces

Accessing DS CLI (3 topics)

  • Accessing the DS8000 GUI
  • Overview some basic operations
  • Analyzing and managing DS8000 performance

DS8000 Copy Services

Security of the DS8000

Management of the DS8000 subsystems (3 topics)

  • DS CLI
  • DS Storage Manager GUI
  • IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center (TPC)

Practical (1 topic)

  • Eight labs are included to address accessing configuration information using the DS8000 Information Center, using the DS8000 GUI, and using the DS CLI


ES26GB - FICON Planning and Implementation

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