DS4000 Installation and Configuration

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This course is designed for post-sales IBM personnel and business partners.

The course covers both DS4000 hardware and storage managment software. Students will have the opportunity to install and configure the storage systems and map luns to Windows and Unix operating systems. Students will use the management software to configure, tune, maintain and troubleshoot the storage system. Premium Features such as Storage Partitioning, Flashcopy and Remote Volume Mirroring will be covered.

This course is suitable for IBM Employees, Business Partners, Customers and Technical System Support

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Product Overview (1 topic)

  • Compare and contrast each product in the DS4000 product line

Hardware Insallation and Cabling (9 topics)

  • Identify all hardware components
  • Remove and replace each hardware component
  • List the basic steps for installing a storage system
  • Identify proper cabling techniques for the host and drive side
  • Cable a storage system
  • Set a static IP addresses for the storage system
  • DS4000 Storage Manager Installation
  • Describe the basic functions of teh DS4000 Storage Manager
  • Install the DS4000 storage management software

Configuration and Dynamic Features (7 topics)

  • Configure a storage system into arrays and logical drives
  • Dynamically modify logical drives using the dymamic features:
  • Dynamic RAID Migration
  • Dynamic Capacity Expansion
  • Dynamic Volume Expansion
  • Dynamic Segment Size Migration
  • Perform other basic functions

Storage Partitioning (3 topics)

  • Describe functionality of Flashcopy
  • Describe implementation of Flashcopy
  • Create Flashcopy logical drives

Volume Copy (3 topics)

  • Describe functionality of Volume Copy
  • Describe implementation of Volume Copy
  • Create Volume Copy logical drives

Remote Volume Mirroring (4 topics)

  • Describe functionality of RVM
  • Describe implementation of RVM
  • Create Remove Volume Mirror logical drives

Performance Monitor (2 topics)

  • List the factors that influence storage system performance
  • List performance data presented by the performance monitor

Problem Determination (1 topic)

  • Describe the purpose of each diagnostic tool in teh storage management software


An understanding of RAID technology, basic storage area network (SAN) terminology, Fibre Channel topology and operating systems such as Unix and Windows

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