z/OS Job Control Language

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Key z/OS skillset ­how to use z/OS Job Control Language (JCL) and selected MVS Utility programs in an online batch environment. Lectures and machine lab exercises. Must have prior ISPF knowledge.

The course contains a high percentage of online practical exercises. The participants will be able to code detailed JCL with the ability to test their results to a successful completion.

This course is designed for Anyone who needs to write, interpret, use or understand z/OS Job Control Language.

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand and use different JCL statements
  • Code JCL and Utility Control statements to use IBM Utility programs
  • Allocate and manipulate both DASD and tape data sets using JCL parameters
  • Allocate Generation Data Groups
  • Create an 'in-stream' procedure and use symbolic parameters
  • Understand the DFORT utility and code the control statements needed to utilise the sort and merge capabilities.

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z/OS Job Control Language (8 topics)

  • JCL basics
  • Utility Programs
  • Data Organisation and Management
  • Generation Data Groups
  • Procedures
  • COND and IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF statements
  • DFSORT Utility
  • Tape data sets.


Knowledge of z/OS principles (ES05GB) Use ISPF/PDF functions (ES47GB)

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