IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5 Implementation and Administration

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This is the first of two 5-day instructor-led courses for implementing and administering Tivoli Storage Manager. This course provides hands-on practice in implementing and administering a data management strategy with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5. The course begins with installing the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5 server and backup-archive client, and the Integrated Solution Console Administration Center. Students create and configure hierarchies of storage pools and define policies to manage the flow of data from disk to disk or tape media.

The back up and restore of client data, as well as performing long-term and offsite data management through archiving and retrieving of client data, is discussed and practiced. Finally, students will protect their IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server by automating the backup and restore of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager databases and storage pools from offsite data storage pools.

The Student Exercises are available for AIX. The lecture material covers all UNIX platforms.

This course should be followed by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5 Advanced Administration, Performance Tuning and Problem Determination (AIX).


  • Discuss the features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server and backup-archive client
  • Navigate the Administrative interfaces
  • Explain the concepts of attaching a tape library and preparing media
  • Create and manage storage pools and storage pool volumes
  • Define policy management to meet business requirements
  • Customize the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database and recovery log
  • Configure the backup-archive client
  • Backup, restore, archive, and retrieve client data
  • Protect the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database and storage pools
  • Schedule administrative task
  • Monitor server and client messages and events

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Course Topics (11 topics)

  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Overview
  • Installing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server and Client
  • Administrative Interfaces and Privileges
  • Storage Media Devices Introduction
  • Managing Storage Pools and Storage Pool Volumes Policy Management
  • Customizing the Tivoli Storage Manager Database and Recovery Log
  • Client Configuration
  • Backup-Archive Client Functions
  • Protecting the Database and Storage Pools
  • Automating Operations
  • Monitoring and Event Logging


Students need to know AIX 5.3 administration.

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