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Every organisation now faces the challenge of providing cost effective quality services, against a background of economic downturn, volatile energy costs and an obligation to the environment to reduce its carbon footprint. These organisations are also increasingly looking towards its IT / IS group to lead the way and assist the organisation to realise its objectives to becoming greener.

There is a common consensus across all industry sectors that organisations have a responsibility to cut their carbon dioxide emissions if the effects of climate change are to be addressed. The IT community is in a prime position to lead their organisations in achieving this requirement.

Whether it is by implementing simple efficiencies such as encouraging companies to utilise their IT assets for longer or more complex remedies such as server virtualisation, IT can lead the way in helping deliver an organisation’s green credentials.

To assist organisations in understanding how this can be done, ISEB are providing a 3 day Foundation Course in Green IT.

The course will cover subjects such as:

  • Green IT regulations, legislation and policy
  • How to identify and baseline your organisation’s current Green IT credentials
  • How to move forward in delivering greener IT
  • Understanding  the definition of “Green IT”
  • Identify the political, environmental, social and legal drivers for Green IT
  • Identify an organisation’s internal drivers for change
  • Understand the practicalities of energy efficiencies
  • Explain the business benefits of adopting a Green IT strategy

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The overall environmental need for an organisation to adopt a Green IT strategy (4 topics)

  • Climate Change
  • Dangerous and exploitive working practices
  • The effect of hazardous waste use and disposal
  • Consumption of precious resources such as oil, gas and water

Identify and understand an organisation’s external drivers and opportunities for greening its IT (4 topics)

  • Political
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Legal

Identify and understand an organisation’s internal drivers, opportunities and benefits of adopting a Green IT strategy (4 topics)

  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Culture

Government policies and the goals and objectives of UK and EU legislation pertaining to Green IT (12 topics)

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • Eco Design of Energy Using Products (EuP) Directive
  • Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and UK Regulations
  • EU Code of Conduct
  • WEEE Directive
  • Batteries Directive
  • ISO14001
  • BSI PAS 2050
  • ECMA (European Computer Manufacture Association) International
  • Kyoto Protocol
  • Energy STAR

The historic development of the Kyoto Protocol (6 topics)

  • The formation of the International Panel on Climate Change
  • The Rio Earth Summit
  • The 2001 Bonn Agreement
  • UK Climate Change Bill
  • UK Government Carbon Budget System
  • UK Government Climate Reduction Commitment

Product Lifecycles (5 topics)

  • Material extraction
  • Transport
  • Manufacture
  • Usage
  • Disposal

Auditing & assessing an organisation’s functions and processes to identify energy and carbon inefficiencies (10 topics)

  • Printing and recycling
  • Energy efficient computing
  • Mobile and Remote working
  • Resource sharing platforms
  • Assessment of environmental and property impacts
  • Virtualisation
  • Power efficiency technology
  • Data Centre rationalisation
  • Out-sourcing opportunities
  • Best Practice frameworks e.g. ITIL®

The roles and responsibilities associated with Green IT (7 topics)

  • The Green IT Champion
  • The Procurement Manager
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Finance and Cost Benefit Analysis including:
  • End to end costing (lifecycle approach)
  • TCO (total cost of ownership) and equipment refresh
  • Calculating the payoff period of investments in Green IT

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