TCP/IP and Networking Essentials for Broadcast Engineers

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The course will cover the connectivity layers of the protocol stack (TCP, UDP and IP) in detail as well as overviewing some of the associated protocols and technologies such as NTP (Network Time Protocol), PTP (Precision Time Protocol), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), RTP (Realtime Transport Protocol), DNS (Domain Name Service), and SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol) along with an overview of MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching). The main Ethernet standards including VLANs, link aggregation and spanning tree will also be covered in detail. Wireshark captures will be used to analyse the major protocols.


At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Troubleshoot and test resilient layer 2 and layer 3 networks using standard command line tools (ping and tracert).
  • Understand unicast, multicast and broadcast IP and Ethernet processes.
  • Understand the inter-operation of IP and Ethernet within networks.
  • Provision and test a web server.
  • Understand and examine how web-based streaming protocols failover in resilient networks.
  • Analyse key network protocols using the Wireshark packet capture tool.
  • Understand (at a high level overview level) the need for Quality of Service and security in IP networks.

Target Audience

Who should attend:

This course is suitable for broadcast engineers requiring both a ‘big picture’ overview of how IP technologies are driving changes within the industry and also a detailed understanding of implementing the important TCP/IP protocols. 

Additional Information

Hands-On Learning

The course will contain around 50% practical content, utilising Cisco switches to provide a resilient layer 2 and/or layer 3 network. Network resilience will be configured and tested at both layer 2 (spanning tree) and layer 3 (OSPF) using standard network tools (ping) and broadcast streams to test the failover process.


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Protocol Stacks (1 topic)

  • OSI 7 Layer Model and TCP/IP protocol stack

Ethernet (5 topics)

  • Layer 2 switching and MAC addresses
  • VLANs, access ports and trunk ports
  • Resilience at layer 2 using Spanning Tree Protocol and link aggregation
  • Standard Ethernet Frames and Jumbo Ethernet frames
  • Ethernet standards suitable for both the distribution network and IP-enabled Studio.

Internet Protocol (IP) (4 topics)

  • IPv4 datagram, IPv4 addresses and net mask
  • Classful and Classless IP
  • Address Resolution Protocol
  • Introduction to IPv6

IP Routing (4 topics)

  • IP routing table and per hop forwarding
  • inter VLAN routing
  • dynamic routing using Open Shortest Path First routing protocol.
  • overview use of MPLS for traffic engineering and protected paths

Host to Host Layer (6 topics)

  • Sockets, ports and services
  • TCP Header and operation
  • UDP Header and operation
  • intro to IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol)
  • Use of ping and trace route to test network connectivity
  • Many to one NAT (Network Address Translation)

The Software Process (Application) Layer (5 topics)

  • Overview of HTTP and HTTPS
  • Overview of SNMP
  • Overview of PTP and NTP
  • Overview of RTP
  • Overview of DNS and DHCP

Quality of Service (QoS) (5 topics)

  • Managed and unmanaged networks
  • End-to-end QoS
  • Diffserv and class of service at layer 3
  • Class of Service at Layer 2
  • Multiple queues per port and scheduling mechanisms


A general familiarity with technical concepts and an understanding of binary arithmetic is assumed, prior knowledge of networking or the computer industries is not necessary.

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Enjoyable and very worthwhile course”

Principle on Compliance Engineer, Liberty Global

The training was delivered with a high level of expertise and excellence. Instructor was highly knowledgeable.”

Technical Trainer, Aviat Networks

Overall the course was really good, the trainer really understood the material and was very approachable.”

Customer Training Manager, Aviat Networks

Excellent course, informative and well-paced.”

CSE, Cisco

Course was very well outlined. Topics were great and bridged many gaps.”

System Engineer, Cable & Wireless

An excellent intro to video encoding & MPEG transport streams - I would definitely recommend it.”

Broadcast Engineer, Cisco

Definitely an excellent intro. Left me interested in learning more.”

Broadcast Engineer, Eircom

Excellent training course with real examples and practical classroom demonstrations.”

Transport Designer, Orange

Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Excellent course, very clear and well organised. Course content delivery was very good.”

Assistant Engineer, Dhiraagu

Very informative and appropriate.”

Network Support Technician, BT

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