People Focused Business Analysis

5 Day Course

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Business Process Frameworks (1 topic)

  • Demonstrate an understanding of why we need frameworks to underpin process success; a typical project route map; reasons for a project initiation phase; drivers for projects; aims of initiation; Terms of Reference (TOR); stakeholders; project risk; a typical business case format

Requirements Gathering (1 topic)

  • The requirements engineering (RE) process; the hierarchy of requirements; categorising requirements; CMM and RE; problems surrounding documentation of requirements; the impact of poorly-crafted requirements; identifying the symptoms of poor RE; using prototyping in RE; requirements stakeholders

Requirements Management (1 topic)

  • The principles of Requirements Management (RM); the four pillars of RM; baseline mechanism; the Change Control Board; tools to manage requirements

Interviewing for Results (1 topic)

  • Planning, preparing, conducting and following-up an interview; determining a suitable venue; creating a TOR for the interview; coverage matrix; determining a suitable questioning strategy

Strength Deployment Inventory (1 topic)

  • The meaning and use of the SDI tool; the meaning of "normal"; understanding your own motivation; completing a SDI diagram; interpreting a SDI diagram; understanding the motivation of others; understanding and dealing with conflict

Work Association (1 topic)

  • The three phases of association; joining and belonging; role and control; sharing and caring

Negotiation and Influencing (1 topic)

  • The Johari window; influencing styles; power and influence; choosing a style of your own; the partner chart and resistance; using negotiation and agreement; manipulation and co-operation; coercion; catharsis/encounter; taking a tactical approach

Effective Presentations (1 topic)

  • Reasons for using presentations; getting the message right; focussing on the objectives; audience research; controlling the flow and timing; the anatomy of a presentation; handling a hostile audience; ensuring that the message is understood; controlling nerves; ensuring success

Business Process Modelling (1 topic)

  • The relationship between business and automated systems; the purpose of modelling business processes; modelling notations; identifying business processes; events and triggering business processes; stakeholders and business processes; transitioning from business modelling to system requirement specification; IT support of business processes; scoping the IT development effort; documenting IT system requirements; integrating process modelling, requirements definition and systems development; quality assurance of processes; linking processes back to requirements

Storyboarding (1 topic)

  • The rationale behind storyboarding; storyboard propositions; kicker statements; the process of creating a storyboard; a walkthrough of a typical storyboard

Creative Thinking (1 topic)

  • Five creative thinking methods; brainstorming; a practical methodology for brainstorming; idea generating questions - the journalistic six; historical examination; blocking and block busting; evaluating a creative solution

Process Analysis And Evaluation (1 topic)

  • The reasons why most process improvement initiatives fail; misconceptions about people and processes; evaluating current process problems; using problem analysis techniques; mind mapping and its uses; critical reviews

Stakeholder Management (1 topic)

  • The benefits of stakeholder management; stakeholder power/interest matrix; understanding your key stakeholders

Modelling Business Data (1 topic)

  • Why do we model business data?; the nature of a business entity; tracing entities back to use cases; guidelines for finding entities; attributes; associations; resolving n:n associations; CRUD matrix; testing associations

Facilitated Workshops (1 topic)

  • The benefits of a facilitated workshop; roles; the workshop process

Modelling Business Rules (1 topic)

  • Definition of a business rule; three types of rule; superstates; action events; conditional transitions; traceability; building a simple state chart


Those wishing to acquire the skill set required for analysing and addressing business problems through interaction with the client community.

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