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This Flash Package is great for people who want to learn ActionScript and a whole lot more. This class is a combination of the Flash Actionscript course and Flash Advanced Actionscript course.

This course my be attended in 2 parts.

Part One - Adobe Flash ActionScript course provides experienced Adobe Flash designers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to create dynamically generated event-driven animation and interactive games with Adobe Flash. The course teaches fundamental programming techniques. It begins by introducing core concepts including instance names, variables, functions, properties, and methods; then proceeds through conditions, loops, event handling, and animating with Adobe Flash ActionScript.

Part Two - Advanced Actionscript. This course focuses on teaching students more advanced ActionScript topics that will remove a reliance on Timeline-based visual tools. Students will learn to generate dynamic design and navigation elements that cannot be created without ActionScript.

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ActionScript 3 Fundamentals (9 topics)

  • Objectives and Topics
  • Getting Started with Coding
  • ActionScript Basics
  • Declaring and Using Variables
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Converting Data Types and Operators
  • Using Functions
  • Using Functions and Methods
  • Unit Summary

Manipulating Symbols with ActionScript (11 topics)

  • Objectives and Topics
  • Introducing Symbols
  • Using a MovieClip and Button's Properties
  • Working with MovieClip Methods
  • Using Methods within a MovieClip
  • Working with TextFields
  • Using TextField Properties
  • Dynamically Adding Symbols to the Stage
  • Adding Symbols to the Stage at Run-Time
  • Loading Content Dynamically Into a MovieClip
  • Loading External Images

Object Oriented Programming (11 topics)

  • Unit Objectives and Topics
  • Introducing Object Oriented Programming
  • Creating a Custom Class
  • Declaring Class Properties
  • Adding Properties to a Class
  • Declaring Methods
  • Adding Methods to a Class
  • Creating Visual Classes Through Inheritance
  • Creating a Visual Class
  • Making the Stage a Class
  • Making the Stage a Class and Dynamically Adding Instances

ActionScript 3 Events (9 topics)

  • Unit Objectives and Topics
  • ActionScript Events
  • Walkthrough 5-1: Handling Events
  • ActionScript Event Types
  • Walkthrough 5-2: Using the MouseEvent
  • Walkthrough 5-3: Using the Keyboard and Enter Frame Events
  • Dispatching A Custom Event
  • Walkthrough 5-4: Dispatching A Custom Crash Event
  • Working with Timers

Loops and Conditional Logic (7 topics)

  • Unit Objectives and Topics
  • Types of Conditional Statements
  • Controlling the SpaceShip
  • Determine When Objects Overlap or Hit
  • Determine when the SpaceShip Crashes
  • Types of Loops
  • Adding Asteroids to the Screen

Exploring the ActionScript Class Library (10 topics)

  • The ActionScript Class Library
  • Using the Sound Class
  • Adding Sound Effects to the SpaceShip
  • Programmatically Formatting Text
  • Formatting the Player Score TextField
  • Getting a Date with ActionScript
  • Determine your Current Age
  • Arrays
  • Static Methods and Properties
  • Adding Sound and Random Speed and Locations to the Collectable Class

XML with E4X (7 topics)

  • Unit Objectives and Topics
  • What is XML
  • Creating a High Score List
  • Using the E4X Operators
  • Using E4X Operators
  • Accessing External XML Documents
  • Loading External XML Files and Filtering Books

Animating with ActionScript (5 topics)

  • Unit Objectives and Topics
  • Using the Enter Frame Event
  • Copy and Paste Tweens
  • Using the Tween Class
  • Tweening the Warp Animation

Architecting a Flash Application (11 topics)

  • Architecting with layers
  • Architecting with Movie Clips
  • Placing code in external ActionScript files
  • Introducing object oriented programming concepts
  • Working with Flash classes
  • Writing methods
  • Functions and event handlers
  • Referencing dynamic variables using bracket
  • Notation
  • Extending the Movie Clip class
  • Detecting Movie Clip interactions with hitTest()

Working with Graphics (5 topics)

  • Learning about Flash drawing models
  • Using filters
  • Using blends
  • Creating filters and blends with ActionScript
  • Introducing bitmap caching

Importing XML Data (4 topics)

  • Learning about XML
  • Using XML in Flash
  • Accessing XML data
  • Looping through XML data

Working with Text (4 topics)

  • Implementing advanced anti-alias rendering
  • Introducing the TextFormat class
  • Formatting text with cascading style sheets
  • Resizing text fields

Implementing Advanced Graphic Loading (9 topics)

  • Creating reusable instance-based code
  • Loading external media with Movie Clip Loader
  • Creating instances of the Flash Object class
  • Introducing listeners and event handlers
  • Understanding the Movie Clip Loader event handlers
  • Using create Empty Movie Clip() and get Next Highest Depth()
  • Attaching Movie Clips
  • Positioning visual elements dynamically
  • Understanding swapping depths

Reviewing Animation Basics with ActionScript (5 topics)

  • Creating Timeline-based custom easing
  • Animating with ActionScript
  • Interacting with the mouse location
  • Adding easing via ActionScript
  • Creating a mask with ActionScript

Learning Advanced Animation with ActionScript (4 topics)

  • Introducing the Tween class
  • Handling Tween class events
  • Introducing the Transition classes
  • Using Delegate to create a component listener

Styling and Skinning Components (3 topics)

  • Styling components
  • Skinning components with themes
  • Skinning components manually


To take this course, you should have completed the Adobe Flash Introduction course, or have equivalent experience.

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