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This course is designed for anyone who will use a computer and Acrobat 8 Standard or Professional to work with PDF files. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to; access information in a PDF document, create PDF documents, modify PDF documents, add PDF navigation aids, work with multiple PDF documents and review PDF documents.

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Understanding the Product Line-up (8 topics)

  • Create PDF from Microsoft Office
  • Generate PDFs from Microsoft Office
  • The PDF Maker
  • Embedding bookmarks, TOC, links
  • Document repurposing
  • Powerpoint to PDF presentations
  • HTML pages to PDF
  • Archiving with Microsoft Outlook

Acrobat Distiller the Creation Engine (2 topics)

  • Create low and high quality PDFs
  • PDF versioning

Generating PDF from Web Pages (3 topics)

  • Output control
  • Embedded media settings
  • Flash control

Combine into PDF or Package (4 topics)

  • Combine PDFs into single file
  • Combine PDFs into PDF Package
  • Advantages of single files
  • Advantages of PDF packages

Creating PDF from Image Formats (4 topics)

  • Direct conversion from explorer
  • Conversion options and file formats
  • Considerations
  • Image compression factors

The Organiser for Your Documents (5 topics)

  • Explore the organiser
  • Favourite places
  • Exploring metadata
  • Network places
  • Previewing content

Headers/footers and Watermarks (4 topics)

  • Add heders and footers
  • Edit headers and footers
  • Transparency effects
  • Remove content

Navigating from Within Acrobat (4 topics)

  • New customised toolbars
  • Reset workspace
  • Navigating views and pages
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Forms Introduction (3 topics)

  • Forms basics
  • Auto forms recognition
  • Adding submit button

Editing and Converting Text (5 topics)

  • Use the touch-up text tool to amend text
  • Change properties
  • Repurpose
  • Amend text, change properties and re-purpose
  • Create new text

Export data from inside a PDF (4 topics)

  • Save out text
  • Save out images
  • Document wide extraction
  • Conversion options

Optimise your PDF file (4 topics)

  • Check for file content
  • Reduce image size and compression
  • Edit font embedding and remove metadata
  • Flatten forms fields, remove comments

RedAct your Files - Quickly (4 topics)

  • Remore both text and image content
  • Permanent removal through manual or search criteria
  • Applying RedAction codes
  • Considerations

Secure your PDF File (4 topics)

  • Different types of Acrobat security
  • Security Policies
  • Applying security and testing
  • Removing security

Removing Security (7 topics)

  • Adobe Acrobat Connect
  • Product overview
  • Creating a user account
  • Remote presentations
  • Gaining control of users desktop
  • White board tools
  • Chat and communication pods

Enhancing Metadata Control for the Web (4 topics)

  • Acrobat metadata
  • Editing course file metadata
  • Web considerations
  • PDF versioning with search engines

Combining Documents (4 topics)

  • Conversion options for native documents
  • Recycle content
  • Differents between multi-page and PDF Packages
  • PDF versioning

Send for Review On-line Workflow (7 topics)

  • Deploy external location for comments
  • Network topologies
  • Sending a shared review invite
  • Connecting to shared server
  • Adding and manipulating comments
  • Shared Tracker Review
  • Synchronisation outside of Acrobat

Forms Workflow with the Free Adobe Reader (6 topics)

  • Generating a simple PDF (Acro) Form
  • Adding a submit button
  • Examples of Form recognition
  • Sending a forms workflow message
  • Submitting and saving data with Adobe Reader
  • Collecting data and analysis

Digital Signatures (7 topics)

  • Creating a password drive digital signature
  • Creating a signature appearance
  • Siging and document - visibly and invisible
  • Examples of third party solutions
  • Exchanging digital signatures
  • Creating trusted identities
  • Applying security policies with trusted identities

Acrobat Plugins (3 topics)

  • Exploring how plugins work
  • Enabling and disabling
  • Plugin framwork

Editing Objects Inside Acrobat (7 topics)

  • Place images
  • Scale and rotate
  • Crop and flip
  • Cut, paste and move
  • Colour convert objects
  • Integration with Adobe Photoshop
  • Integration with Adobe Illustrator


Minimal experience with computers and common office applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and web browser applications.

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