3GPP R4 / R5 - Core Network Signalling

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The evolution of mobile networks from 3GPP R99 to R4 / R5 introduces many changes to existing core
networks, their architecture and operation. It requires engineers to understand the complexity surrounding
these Networks and the associated operations required for the migration towards all IP-based bearer

This course has been designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of network signalling, traffic flows associated with the enhanced layered architecture of 3GPP networks, an introduction to Softswitch Solutions, Bearer Independent Call Control and other functions required for the migration towards all IP-based bearer networks.

Each training session is thoroughly reviewed to help delegate understanding, and with the aid of the trainer, delegates will complete comprehensive trace analysis practical sessions to clarify precise signalling flows and operational procedures. Delegates will also be required to complete various signalling flow diagrams.


At the end of the course the delegate will be able to:

  • Explain the evolution of mobile communications networks from GSM (R99) through 3GPP R4 / R5
  • Draw the overall architectures used within R4 / R5 Core Networks and explain their individual
  • Understand the signaling processes and topology architectures for TDM, ATM, IP, SIP and MPLS
  • Explain the comprehensive operation of all protocols used within the SS7 Signaling Network
  • Describe the signaling transport network alternatives used within the 3GPP Core Network - MTP, ATM, IP
  • Understand the signaling protocols associated with call setup - BICC, MGCP (MEGACO), ISUP
  • Describe the signaling flows between MSS nodes (MSC server’s and MGW)
  • Explain the signaling principles and concepts of IPBCP and Q.AAL2
  • Describe the signaling procedure between MGW devices for configuration of ATM and IP bearers
  • Explain SCCP services and routing alternatives used by RANAP, BSSMAP and MAP
  • Identify RANAP and BSSMAP signaling process for a call setup and list important functionality
  • Discuss the role and implantation of SS7 over IP (SIGTRAN) with in 3GPP Networks
  • Understand the comprehensive signaling procedures of call set up and explain how signaling
    protocols interact


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Mobile Technology Evolution - GSM (R99) to 3GPP R4 / R5 Networks (4 topics)

  • The Migration of Circuit Switched and Packet Switched Domains
  • Introduction of the MSS Nodes - MSC Server and MGW
  • Overview of Core Network Protocols
  • Layered architecture implementation and design

3GPP SS7 Signalling Operation (6 topics)

  • Examine the Operation of SS7 in 3GPP R4 / R5 Networks
  • Understand the protocols associated with call setup - BICC, MGCP, ISUP etc
  • Describe additional network entities and functions
  • Examine the operation of IP Tunnelling and the use of IPBCP
  • Examine the operation of Q.AAL2 (Q.2630) - ATM AAL.2 bearer control
  • Understand the functionality of RANAP and BSSMAP core communication

Transmission Bearers Explained (5 topics)

  • Understand topology architectures available with the core network
  • Examine the implementation of TDM, ATM and IP bearer
  • Discuss market drivers and the advantages / disadvantages of each technology
  • Understand MGW functionality associated with implemented bearers
  • Examine MPLS functionality as an IP bearer transmission network

Signalling Transmission (SS7 over IP / SIGTRAN) (4 topics)

  • Describe the stages involved with network signalling planning
  • Understand the functionality of SIGTRAN
  • Explain the interaction with transmission and traffic bearers
  • Complete SIGTRAN trace practical drawings

Practical Trace Analysis (5 topics)

  • The course will examine a series of practical protocol traces
  • Q.2630 (Q.AAL2)


An understanding of GSM and UMTS mobile core networks, along with knowledge of signalling would be an advantage or for the delegate to have attended the 3GPP R4 / R5 Core Network Overview.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course. If you are unsure please ask a training advisor .

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