M2275: Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M2275

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 2003 Training Courses.


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Preparing to Administer a Server (3 topics)

  • Administering a Server
  • Configuring Remote Desktop to Administer a Server
  • Managing Remote Desktop Connections

Lab (5 topics)

  • Configure Folder Permissions
  • Create a Shared Folder on a Remote Computer
  • Defragment a Disk on a Remote Computer
  • Connect to a Remote Console Session
  • Create Shortcuts to Administration Tools

Preparing to Monitor Server Performance (5 topics)

  • Introduction to Monitoring Server Performance
  • Performing Real-Time and Logged Monitoring
  • Configuring and Managing Counter Logs
  • Creating Trace Logs
  • Configuring Alerts

Lab (3 topics)

  • Preparing to Monitor Server Performance
  • Selecting the Appropriate Monitoring Technique
  • Preparing to Monitor Server Performance

Monitoring Server Performance (6 topics)

  • Monitoring Server Memory
  • Monitoring Processor Usage
  • Monitoring Disks
  • Monitoring Network Usage
  • Guidelines for Using Counters and Thresholds
  • Best Practices for Monitoring Server Performance

Lab (6 topics)

  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Start Performance with Administrative Controls
  • Configure System Monitor to Track Low Disk Space
  • Create and Configure an Alert in Performance Logs and Alerts to Track Free Disk Space
  • Enable the Messenger Service
  • Test the Low Disk Space Alert

Maintaining Device Drivers (2 topics)

  • Configuring Device Drivers Signing Options
  • Using Device Driver Rollback

Lab (1 topic)

  • Maintaining Device Drivers (Simulation)

Managing Disks (6 topics)

  • Preparing Disks
  • Managing Disk Properties
  • Managing Mounted Drives
  • Converting Disks
  • Creating Volumes
  • Importing a Foreign Disk

Lab (5 topics)

  • Managing Disks
  • Mount Drive E to D:\Graphics
  • Change Drive Letter D to X
  • Removing Mounted Drive E
  • Change Drive Letter X to D

Managing Data Storage (4 topics)

  • Managing File Compression
  • Configuring File Encryption
  • Configuring EFS Recovery Agents
  • Implementing Disk Quotas

Lab (6 topics)

  • Managing Data
  • Configure Disk Quota Entries
  • Export Disk Quota Entries
  • Import Disk Quota Entries
  • Compress a Folder
  • Encrypt a Folder

Managing Disaster Recovery (6 topics)

  • Preparing for Disaster Recovery
  • Backing Up Data
  • Scheduling Backup Jobs
  • Restoring Data
  • Recovering from Server Failure
  • Selecting Disaster Recovery Methods

Lab (11 topics)

  • Managing Disaster Recovery
  • Backing Up the System State Data
  • Creating an Emergency Boot Disk
  • Recovering from a Corrupt Registry
  • Recovering from a Simple Virus
  • Recovering from a Corrupt Boot File
  • Installing the Recovery Console
  • Using the Installed Recovery Console
  • Recovering from a Corrupt Registry Entry
  • Removing a Virus
  • Recovering from a Corrupt Registry

Maintaining Software by Using Microsoft Software Update Services (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Software Update Services
  • Installing and Configuring Software Update Services on Client Computers
  • Installing and Configuring Software Update Services on Servers
  • Managing a Software Update Services Infrastructure

Lab (3 topics)

  • Maintaining Software by Using Software Update Services
  • Creating a Group Policy Object to Configure Automatic Updates
  • Preparing Sample Software Update Packages for Your Clients


Before attending this course, students must have completed course MS2274: Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment, or have equivalent knowledge and skills.

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