Business Systems Analysis: SSADM and Rapid Applications Development

5 Day Course
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Systems analysis is about understanding business requirements so that information systems can be developed to meet business needs. Many IT development projects fail to deliver because not enough effort is spent on analysing and prioritising business requirements. This course equips developers with the skills and knowledge to do this. The central theme is that system development should be business driven rather than led by technology. It also encompasses the view that information systems include business processes as well as information technology. This course covers both the traditional SSADM approach to analysis and Rapid Applications Development.

Course Format

The course is a mixture of lectures, discussion sessions and case study exercises.

It is highly practical and interactive, participants will be able to discuss and apply what they have learned in a team project that runs throughout the week. They will learn how to construct high level business models, plan and conduct a series of interviews with business users, produce more detailed business models and analyse user requirements. Teams will then develop a proposal for a new system and present their findings. After the course participants will to apply their new skills on development projects to help ensure that business requirements are met.


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Systems Development (4 topics)

  • Role of the Analyst
  • SSADM & RAD lifecycles
  • Business organisations
  • Systems analysis

Fact Finding (4 topics)

  • Fact finding techniques
  • Planning and preparation
  • Conducting interviews
  • Analysing results

Business Modelling (4 topics)

  • Document flow diagrams
  • Swim lane diagrams
  • Rich pictures
  • Data flow diagrams

Data Analysis (4 topics)

  • Business objects and entities
  • Data items
  • Business relationships
  • Data model

Requirements Analysis (4 topics)

  • Requirements catalogue
  • Prioritising - MoSCoW rules
  • Required system models
  • Required system functions

Structured Walkthroughs (4 topics)

  • Presentation skills
  • Planning
  • Conducting the walkthrough
  • Follow up


Those attending should have some basic knowledge of the information systems development process and information technology. This course is suitable for delegates who are from the following backgrounds

  • Developers who will be analysing business requirements
  • Business users who will be involved in requirements analysis
  • Team leaders and project managers
  • Business and systems analysts

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