PlateSpin Workload Management Administration

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Curriculum
Code N8008

This course has been retired. Please view currently available PlateSpin Training Courses.


Course Topics (9 topics)

  • Understanding why PlateSpin products are needed in the data center
  • Using PlateSpin Recon for inventorying and monitoring your servers
  • Charting and reporting on servers with PlateSpin Recon
  • Using PlateSpin Recon for server consolidation
  • Doing server discovery with PlateSpin Migrate
  • Using PlateSpin Migrate to configure workload migration
  • Doing job execution and server migration with PlateSpin Migrate
  • Creating, capturing, and deploying an image with PlateSpin Migrate
  • Implementing disaster recovery using PlateSpin Protect


Before attending this course, you should be familiar with the following data center technologies and concepts: Virtualization with VMware Disaster recovery Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later Linux server systems SQL databases

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