Oracle R12 Advanced Collections

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This course provides a thorough introduction to using the enhanced credit controlling functionality provided by Oracle R12 Advanced Collections together with the knowledge to explain some of the key steps involved in its configuration and day to day operation. Hands on practices will be carried out wherever possible. By the end of this course delegates will be able to differentiate between the two key Collections methods. They will be able to identify, review and update key set up steps for both Dunning Plans and Strategies. They will be able to carry out day to day administrative tasks for both Collections methods, as well as the range of Collections Agent user tasks, including running reports and reviewing customer metrics.

The delegates will practise:

  • Defining Transaction Types & Sources
  • Defining Payment Terms
  • Defining Items
  • Managing Parties and Customers: TCA
  • Defining Accounting Rules
  • Setting up Write Off / Adjustment Approval Limits
  • Defining Receipt Sources and Classes
  • Defining Receivable Activities
  • Using Balancing Segments
  • Using Bill Presentment Architecture
  • Controlling AR accounting periods
  • Setting Receivables Profile Options
  • Reviewing Tax Set ups and the Tax Accounting Process
  • Period Closing

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Introduction (8 topics)

  • Collections Responsibilities
  • Collections Agent
  • Collections Manager
  • Collections Administrator
  • Collection Methods
  • Dunning
  • Strategies
  • Operation Data Levels

Setup in Related Applications (16 topics)

  • Set up in Related Applications
  • Define Employees
  • Define Collectors
  • Define Resource Groups
  • Define Resources
  • View Resource Hierarchy
  • Assign Collectors
  • Define Profile Classes
  • Other Related Applications
  • iReceivables
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • XML Publisher
  • Customer Interaction Tracking
  • Oracle Customer Interaction History
  • Other Applications

Dunning Setup Overview (13 topics)

  • Dunning Set up
  • Set up Questionnaire
  • Pre-configured Elements
  • Collectors Work Queue Nodes
  • Work Queue Profile Options
  • Dunning Plan Set up Requirements
  • Set the Collections level
  • Create Templates for Dunning Correspondence
  • Select an Aging Bucket for Dunning Plans
  • Set Dunning level
  • Create a Dunning Plan
  • Set up the UWQ for Dunning Plans
  • Set up Scoring Engines

Strategy Setup Overview (7 topics)

  • Strategy Overview
  • Scoring Components
  • Scoring Engines
  • Work Items
  • Strategies
  • Strategy Defaults
  • Enabling Strategies tab in Collections window

User Procedures (25 topics)

  • Advanced Collections User Interface
  • Profile
  • History
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Aging
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Loan
  • Collectors Work Queue
  • Customer Search
  • Saved Results
  • Designating Collections and Dunning Contacts
  • Transaction Processing
  • Promises to Pay
  • Reversing Payments
  • Adjusting Invoices
  • Place an Invoice in Dispute
  • AR Credit Memo Approval Request
  • Working with the eBusiness Center
  • Process a Callback
  • Creating Tasks Manually
  • Broken Promise Items
  • Transfer ownership of a Callback task
  • Reassign Ownership

Administer Dunning Plans (6 topics)

  • Dunning Plan Administration
  • IEX: Promise Reconciliation
  • IEX: Scoring Engine
  • IEX: Send Dunnings for Delinquent Customers
  • IEX: Create Dunning and Broken Promise Callbacks
  • IEX: Populate UWQ Summary Table

Administer Strategies (7 topics)

  • Strategy Administration
  • Viewing Strategies
  • Changing Work Items
  • Skip an assigned item
  • Add a work item
  • Changing a Strategy
  • Manager Review of Strategies

Reports (5 topics)

  • Reports
  • Campaign / Collector Outcome Summary Report
  • Promise Reconciliation Report
  • Payment Campaign / Collector Summary / Detail Report
  • Collections Campaigns

Later Stage Delinquencies (5 topics)

  • Enable the Lifecycle tab in Collections
  • Updating a Delinquency
  • Litigation
  • Repossession
  • Bankruptcy

Metrics (3 topics)

  • Metrics
  • View existing Metrics
  • View Metrics in Collections window

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