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This 4-day course provides delegates with an introduction to Extensible Markup Language (XML) beginning with XML concepts and its uses.  The syntax and structure of XML are described. Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and the use of schema are also explained.

Extensible Style Sheet (XSL) and transformations (XSLT) are included together with XML Path Language (XPath). The main constructs for processing XSLT are described along with the elements and functions that comprise XSLT.

The course starts by providing a thorough coverage of concepts, syntax, and declarative processing capabilities and then progresses on to further programming based capabilities both client-side and server-side including Document Object Model (DOM), Active Server Pages (ASP) and database integration. The DOM API is considered from a VB, VBA, VBScript and JavaScript perspective and makes extensive use of Microsoft's MSXML v3.0 parser and the XML capabilities of IE5.


Upon completion of the course delegates will be able to :

  • An understanding of the main features and characteristics of XML
  • An appreciation of how XML can be used within and between organisations
  • An awareness of the role of XML in information exchange
  • Writing effective XSL stylesheets and use of XSLT processors
  • How to program with the DOM API in a variety of host programming environments client side and server side, including use of XPath expressions and XSLT processors


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Introduction (2 topics)

  • Course overview
  • What is XML?

XML Overview (4 topics)

  • Background
  • XML Concepts
  • XML Syntax
  • DTDs and Schema

XML Characteristics (4 topics)

  • Why XML is important
  • Extensibility
  • Content and Presentation
  • Vendor Independence

XML Application Scenarios (5 topics)

  • Information Distribution
  • Knowledge Management
  • Workflow
  • Application Integration
  • Data Integration

XML Tools (3 topics)

  • Browsers and Parsers
  • DOM/SAX processors
  • Authoring Packages

XML and E-Business (3 topics)

  • W3C Initiatives
  • BizTalk
  • Oasis

XML and Local Government (3 topics)

  • Information Age Concordat
  • Local Government Guidelines
  • Applying XML

Implementing XML (2 topics)

  • Technical Skills
  • Managerial Skills

Resources (2 topics)

  • XML Books
  • XML Web site


It is assumed that you already have some familiarity with the Internet and a general awareness of IT concepts. Experience of at least one programming language is required. An understanding of OO concepts and database concepts is helpful but not essential.

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