M50093: Deploying and Administering Microsoft Forefront Client Security

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Targeted at systems integrators, consultants, and deployment partners, this three-day class includes lectures and hands-on labs and was developed by Microsoft Consulting Services using their detailed implementation knowledge and best practices.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Describe the Forefront Client Security components and architecture, and identify the different server roles.
  • Complete and troubleshoot the server setup process, identify various server topologies, and describe basic MOM concepts and the MOM agent.
  • Identify Forefront Client Security client component characteristics and describe the client setup and deployment processes.
  • Understand Forefront Client Security administration and user roles, Forefront Client Security Policy UI settings and policy deployments, and know how to troubleshoot the Management Console.
  • Understand the reporting services infrastructure used by Forefront Client Security.
  • Use Forefront Client Security reports and alerting services, and troubleshoot reporting procedures.
  • Describe the security state assessment (SSA) component of Forefront Client Security, and understand its architecture.
  • Describe the object processor and manifest update in SSA.
  • Review the SSA Security Check messages and results.
  • Review methods and procedures used to submit malware to Microsoft for analysis

Target Audience

This course is intended for technical deployment specialists and senior-level administrators who manage a Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies infrastructure or security practice.

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Course Overview (4 topics)

  • Forefront Product Overview
  • Forefront Client Security
  • Microsoft Forefront Client Security Components
  • Training Modules

Forefront Client Security Server Roles and Topologies (12 topics)

  • Forefront Client Security Server Roles
  • Collection Server
  • Collection Server Database
  • Reporting Server
  • Reporting Database Server
  • Forefront Client Security Server Setup
  • Role Installation Steps
  • Server Topologies
  • SQL Server Database Sizing
  • Configuration Wizard
  • MOM Concepts
  • Forefront Client Security Server Setup Troubleshooting

Forefront Client Security Client (7 topics)

  • General Information
  • Antimalware
  • MOM Agent
  • Client Setup
  • Client Deployment Planning
  • Forefront Client Security Client Deployment Methods
  • Troubleshooting

Forefront Client Security Management (4 topics)

  • Administration
  • Administration Dashboard
  • Forefront Client Security Policy Deployment
  • Forefront Client Security Management Console Troubleshooting

Forefront Client Security Reporting and Alerting (6 topics)

  • Reporting Services Overview
  • Reporting Architecture
  • MOM Reporting
  • Forefront Client Security Reports
  • SQL Server Reporting Services Troubleshooting
  • Alerts

Security State Assessment (5 topics)

  • Security State Assessment
  • SSA General Information
  • SSA Architecture
  • SSA Object Processor (OP) and Manifest Updates
  • SSA Security Checks

Submitting Malware to Microsoft for Analysis (2 topics)

  • Malware Submission
  • Assisting Customers with Malware Submissions


Before attending this course, students must have Windows Server certifications or deployment experience and be familiar with the Forefront product line: Client, Server, and Edge.

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