WiMAX Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)

5 Day Course
Code PWS066

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Basic Concepts and Definitions (9 topics)

  • Frequency bands
  • Channels
  • Licensed and license-exempt spectrum
  • Spectrum an standardization
  • Coexistence
  • Types of wireless networks
  • Fixed and mobile networks
  • Nomadic and portable networks
  • Wireless network topologies

Antennas (24 topics)

  • Antenna parameters
  • Directional and sectorised antennas
  • Diversity
  • Frequency
  • Spatial
  • Polarized
  • Angle diversity
  • Multiple antennas
  • Adaptive antenna systems (AAS)
  • Multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO)
  • Impact of antenna technologies on protocol design
  • Antenna design for fixed and mobile devices
  • Physical (PHY)
  • FEC
  • Single Carrier and multicarrier
  • Duplexing
  • Multiplexing
  • Centralized and distributed multiple access schemes
  • Data units
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Medium access control layer (MAC)
  • Fragmentation and packing
  • Automatic repeat request (ARQ)

IEEE 802.16 Architecture (22 topics)

  • Overview of the key features
  • Reference model
  • Base station (BS) and subscriber station (SS)
  • Convergence sublayer (CS) architecture
  • Framing and duplexing
  • Physical slots (PS) and mini-slots
  • TDD & FDD framing
  • Time relevance
  • Subscriber-level adaptive PHY
  • Fixed TDD versus ATDD
  • Framed PHY
  • MAC efficiency
  • MESH
  • Directed mesh
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Security sublayer
  • Automatic repeat request (ARQ)
  • Hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ)
  • Physical layer (PHY)
  • Multipath mitigation
  • Mandatory and optional components
  • Bit ordering

Convergence Sublayers (CSS) (4 topics)

  • ATM CS
  • Packet convergence sublayer (PCS)
  • Classification
  • Payload header suppression (PHS)

MAC Basics (11 topics)

  • Connections and addressing
  • Service flows and service flow identifiers (SFIDs)
  • CID allocation
  • MAC subheader
  • Stand-alone MAC headers
  • BW request header
  • MPDU header
  • ARQ Feedback
  • Data and management PDU construction
  • ARQ
  • Hybrid ARQ

MAC Operation (6 topics)

  • Network entry and initialization
  • PHY maintenance
  • QoS and service flows
  • Clock comparisons
  • ARQ operation
  • HARQ operation

Security (2 topics)

  • Security associations (SAs) and cryptographic suites
  • Key management

MESH (3 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Logical mesh
  • Directed mesh and point-to-point (PtP)

PHY: Wirelessman-SC (5 topics)

  • Frame structure
  • DL channel encoding
  • UL channel encoding
  • Control mechanisms
  • WirelessMAN - Sca

PHY: Wirelessman-OFDM (4 topics)

  • Waveform construction
  • Frame structure
  • Channel encoding
  • Control mechanisms

Multiple Antenna Systems (8 topics)

  • Adaptive antenna systems (AAS)
  • Open-loop transmit diversity
  • STC support in OFDM PHY
  • STC, FHDC and MIMO support in OFDMA PHY
  • Closed-loop transmit diversity
  • Pre-coding
  • Antenna selection
  • Antenna grouping

Wireless MESH Networks (14 topics)

  • Issues and solutions
  • Multiradio Multichannel Mesh Networks
  • IEEE 802.11-based Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Protocols
  • Routing protocols
  • Medium Access Control in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Security in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Scalability in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Load Balancing in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Cross-layer Optimisation for Scheduling in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Multimedia Communications over Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Multiple Antenna Techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Standardisation of Wireless LAN Mesh Networks in IEEE 802.11s
  • IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Mesh Networking

Cognitive Radio & Dynamic Spectrum Management (3 topics)

  • Cognitive radio concept
  • Opportunistic distributed spectrum allocation for CRs
  • Combination of economical and technical incentives

Wireless Mesh Network Case Study: Fire Emergency Management & Market Analysis (5 topics)

  • Overview of the proposed WMN
  • Requirements
  • Market analysis
  • Platform design and implementation
  • Validation

Wireless Mesh Networks for Public Safety and Disaster Recovery Applications (4 topics)

  • Wireless mesh networks
  • Public safety and disaster recovery communications
  • WMNs for PSDR communications
  • Key research activities

Mobile WiMAX (6 topics)

  • Introduction to Mobile WiMAX
  • Physical Layer Transmission
  • Mitigation of Inter-cell interference in Mobile WiMAX
  • Overview of Rate Adaptation Algorithms and Simulation Environmental Based on MIMO Technology in WiMAX Networks
  • Medium Access Control (MAC) and Network Architecture
  • All-IP network architecture for Mobile WiMAX

Multihop Relay for Mobile WiMAX (3 topics)

  • An Overview of 802.16j
  • Tunnelling and Aggregation
  • Performance Evaluation

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