BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture

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This is one of three courses covering the BCS Certificates for Enterprise and Solution Architecture. It concentrates on providing an understanding of the critical architecture terms and concepts. It enables delegates to view their enterprise and solutions architecture in a more structured way and understand the role more deeply. The scope also encompasses the traditional architecture domains - business, applications, data and infrastructure.

The main objectives of the course are to gain an informed perspective on this dynamic and complex subject, and to prepare for the exam associated with BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture. To this end a mixture of approaches are used:

  • Instructor lead sessions and exercises, which follow the timings laid down in the syllabus. At the end of each session mock exam questions are set and reviewed.
  • A revision system which can help delegates do focused study in their own time, followed by a group review.

An exam is sat at the end of the course.


At the end of this course you will be able to understand the key terms and concepts of enterprise and solution architecture, including:

  • The main roles and goals of architecture
  • An explanation of both Enterprise and Solution architecture
  • Architecture description
  • An awareness of the most useful frameworks
  • An understanding of the main architecture domains
  • Architecture Processes

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Architecture and Architects (5 topics)

  • Foundation concepts
  • Architecture granularity
  • Architecture domains
  • Hierarchical or layered architecture
  • Architect roles, skills and goals

Architecture Precursors (8 topics)

  • Stakeholders
  • Drivers, aims and directives
  • Solution descriptions and plans
  • Standards
  • Scope of architecture work
  • Requirements
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Business case

Architecture Frameworks (4 topics)

  • Architecture process frameworks
  • Architecture descriptions
  • Architecture models and abstractions
  • Architecture description frameworks

Business Architecture (5 topics)

  • Foundation concepts
  • Knowledge and/or content management
  • Data architecture structure
  • Data qualities and integration
  • Design for data security

Data Architecture (5 topics)

  • Foundation concepts
  • Knowledge and/or content management
  • Data architecture structure
  • Data qualities and integration
  • Design for data security

Software Architecture (6 topics)

  • Foundation concepts
  • Component structures and patterns
  • Component interfaces
  • Component interoperation styles
  • Component communication styles
  • Publish and subscribe distribution

Applications Architecture (4 topics)

  • Foundation concepts
  • Applications structure and behaviour
  • Design for applications security
  • Application platform

Design for non-functional requirements (7 topics)

  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Recoverability
  • Integrity
  • Scalability
  • Security

Infrastructure Architecture (4 topics)

  • Foundation concepts
  • Infrastructure structure and behaviour
  • Design for infrastructure security
  • Migration planning and architecture management Outline of these concepts

Migration planning and architecture management (1 topic)

  • Outline of these concepts


  • BCS recommend three or more years experience of IS/IT work including contact with architects and architecture descriptions.
  • A reference model for this certificate has been published by BCS. This is available on-line HERE, and it is beneficial for attendees to have read through this before attending. They should also familiarise themselves with the syllabus, available HERE.

Pre-course reading:

Delegates will be provided with pre-course reading prior to attending the course. The success on the course will be enhanced by close attention to the pre-reading materials. It is recommended that candidates spend 10 hours working through the pre-reading.

If you have not received your pre-reading material within one week of the start of your course, please contact your Account Manager.

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