Securing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

5 Day Course
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Define Security Approaches in a Wi-Fi Design (2 topics)

  • Defining Security Areas in the Wi-Fi Design
  • Describing Security Approaches in Wi-Fi Designs

Design and Deploy End Point and Client Security (1 topic)

  • Defining Endpoint and Client Standards and Features

Design and Deploy Cisco ISE and Management Platforms (4 topics)

  • Cisco Network Security Architecture
  • Profiles and Policies
  • Guest Access
  • Secure BYOD

Secure Wi-Fi Infrastructure (1 topic)

  • Defining Endpoint and Client Standards and Features

Design and Deploy Wi-Fi Access Control (1 topic)

  • Defining Wi-FI Access Control Standards and Features

Design and Deploy Monitoring Capabilities (1 topic)

  • Defining Threat and Interference Mitigation Approaches in Wi-Fi

Labs (19 topics)

  • Discovery Lab 1: Overview of Cisco ISE
  • Discovery Lab 2: Implementing SNMP v3
  • Discovery Lab 3: Configure and Verify Cisco MFP
  • Discovery Lab 4: Rogue AP Monitoring and Rules
  • Lab 1: Configure WPA2 Access
  • Lab 2: Configure 802.1X Access
  • Lab 3: Configure RADIUS Integration
  • Lab 4: Configure a Basic Access Policy
  • Lab 5: Configure Hotspot Guest Access
  • Lab 6: CWA and Self-Registered Guest Operations
  • Lab 7: Configure Secure Administrative Access
  • Lab 8: Configure a Basic Authentication Policy for an AP
  • Lab 9: Implement Profiling
  • Lab 10: Profiling and Device Onboarding
  • Lab 11: Cisco ISE Profiling Reports
  • Lab 12: Guest Reports
  • Lab 13: Live Logs and Client 360° View
  • Lab 14: Security Report Operations
  • Lab 15: Use System Security Verification Tools


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • CCNA R&S - ICND1 and ICND2 or CCNABC 
  • CCNA Wireless - ICND1 and WIFUND
  • Basic knowledge of Cisco Prime Infrastructure, Cisco Identity Services Engine, Metageek Channelize Software, Voice Signaling Protocols, Basic QoS, Application Visibility and Control and LAN Switching are recommended.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course.

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