Managing Continuous Change

2 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Personal Skills Training Courses.


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Managing Transition (3 topics)

  • Endings: how people need to 'grieve' for perceived losses.
  • Neutral Zone: the period of ambiguity, unclear outcomes and creativity.
  • New Beginnings: the new order following change, people's roles and responsibilities.

Well Formed Outcomes (1 topic)

  • A powerful process for clarifying our personal outcomes: particularly useful for development during periods of change.

Neurological Levels (1 topic)

  • A model for understanding the underlying, internal processes that drive behaviour. Enables individuals to determine the strength of their responses to change and how to pinpoint the level that blocks useful behaviour.

Change Processes (1 topic)

  • A range of techniques that will enable delegates to address personal blockages to change.

Creativity (1 topic)

  • The process that Disney used to create and critically apply new ideas.

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