Developing Leadership Presence

2 Day Course

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Do you want to be able to motivate individuals or organisations to achieve positive outcomes?
Do you want to create a personal impact in your business?
Do you want to be a great leader?

Leadership presence has been defined as “the ability to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others in order to motivate or inspire them towards a desired outcome”.  This course is based on the 9 Cs Model of Leadership Presence – 9 factors which great leaders embody.  Drawing on psychology, linguistics and theatre this course will build on your existing leadership practices and give you the opportunity to develop new ones in a safe and supportive environment.

This programme has a highly interactive and participative format that will give you plenty of opportunity to practice a range of techniques.  This will be accompanied by formal input, group discussions and debate.  You will be encouraged to take part in self and peer-group coaching sessions.

Evaluation will take place by a variety of formal and informal practical exercises.  Assessment will be provided in various ways including observation of delegates practising techniques.  Constructive feedback will be provided by the trainer and other delegates, and individual development plans will be suggested where required.-


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Project presence and energy in all aspects of their leadership role
  • Build effective, long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust
  • Present ideas and information with power and passion
  • Communicate with clarity, persuasiveness and impact
  • Engage, energise and inspire others
  • Creatively adapt communications to meet the diverse needs of their audience
  • Demonstrate confidence and adaptability during times of stress.

Target Audience

You will benefit from this programme if you are at a senior level within your organisation as this course is aimed at experienced leaders who want to develop their presence and authenticity and create more of a personal impact in their business environment.


Course Topics (9 topics)

  • Clarity - being clear about who you are and where you want to be.
  • Communication - communicating with persuasiveness and impact.
  • Confidence - handling challenging situations and demonstrating adaptability during times of stress.
  • Courage - standing up for your own beliefs and values and challenging fundamental assumptions.
  • Credibility - being seen as credible in terms of knowledge and expertise.
  • Creativity - developing new ideas and concepts and challenging old ways of thinking/behaving.
  • Connectivity - engaging, energising and inspiring others by building relationships of mutual trust.
  • Congruence - demonstrating consistency in your words and actions at all times.
  • Comportment - having a polished, professional manner and appearance.


Delegates will need to undertake two self-assessment tools prior to the course. It is envisaged that this pre-course work will take no more than two hours to complete.

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