AppSense Version 8

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official AppSense Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available AppSense Training Courses.


Course Topics (14 topics)

  • Understand the functionality of each module of the AppSense Management Suite, together with identifying where they should be implemented
  • Implement an enterprise wide deployment system to deliver and maintain AppSense software from a single (or multiple) console
  • Implement a scalable, enterprise profile management solution which negates the need for roaming profiles
  • Gain visibility of personalization activity and use remediation tools such as 'profile roll-back' at an application level
  • Replace complicated and slow sequential login script with a GUI wizard driven parallel processed alternative
  • Implement self healing functionality to ensure critical files, service, and registry keys remain unchanged
  • Implement application lockdown to remove unwanted functionality such as menu items and other components from the user interface
  • Ensure quality of service is maintained by applying CPU and memory control to preserve system resources
  • Ensure that server freezes are eliminated by tuning system resources
  • Implement a memory optimization schedule to reduce rebasing and excessive RAM usage
  • Understand application and system state control to provide granular control of system resources
  • Automatically block unauthorized applications without the need for administrative intensive listing techniques.
  • Configure application access based on user, group, and client rules
  • Track and audit user activity, including automatic archiving of unauthorized applications unauthorized applications


A good working knowledge of Windows operating systems.

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