Chairing and Managing Meetings

2 Day Course

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Do your meetings regularly overrun or go off-topic?
Do you wish you were better at controlling the outcomes of your meetings?
Would you like to be a confident chairperson running successful meetings?

This course will allow you to fulfil the vital role of ensuring the smooth running and successful completion of your meetings. As the Chair you’ll have the authority to regulate the meeting, and be responsible for enforcing any rules that govern proceedings, keeping order, encouraging participants to give opinions and summing up discussions.

You’ll benefit from this workshop if you currently manage or chair meetings, or if you will be taking on the responsibility of chairing meetings in the future.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Identify the different types of meetings and reasons for holding them
  • Evaluate your skills as a chairperson
  • Identify the role and responsibilities of a chairperson
  • Carry out meeting pre-planning and information gathering
  • Demonstrate setting a well structured agenda
  • Recognise how to structure, run and close a meeting, and set action points
  • Anticipate distracting tactics in meetings and be able to counter them
  • Recognise the importance and relevance of non verbal communication

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Course Outline (18 topics)

  • Establish personal objectives for the course
  • The purpose of meetings
  • The five types of meeting
  • The cost of meetings
  • Evaluating your skills as a chairperson
  • What is the role of a chairperson?
  • Establishing meeting codes of conduct
  • Qualities and behaviours of a chairperson
  • Balancing the roles of chairperson and facilitator
  • Factors to consider about the attendees
  • Setting the agenda
  • Structuring a meeting
  • Closing a meeting
  • The impact of body language
  • Handling challenging people and keeping order
  • Recognising success as a meeting chairperson
  • The opportunity to chair a meeting.
  • Completion of a personal action plan.

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