Presentation Skills for Successful Selling

1 Day Course

This course has been replaced by the Presentations Masterclass course.


Course Topics (17 topics)

  • Set the objective(s) for your presentation
  • Recognise the needs of the audience
  • Plan the structure of the presentation for maximum impact
  • Set and send out the agenda to the audience
  • Build rapport quickly and consider ways of involving the audience
  • List answers to questions the audience may ask
  • Review the sales structure and consider how that can be applied to a large or small audiences
  • Compose opening statements to grab the attention of the customers
  • Identify ways of gaining conditional commitment during your presentation
  • Establish credibility, deliver with confidence and impact
  • Use verbal and non-verbal communication to your advantage
  • Select the appropriate facilitation style for the presentation, looking at ways to read the audience and hold interest when presenting
  • Use probing questions, spotting all opportunities to add value and sell
  • Deal confidently with questions and overcome objections
  • Summarise the benefits of the sale and ask for the business
  • Develop self confidence when using visual aids including PowerPoint
  • Receive structured detailed feedback on your presentation to develop skills

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