ISEB Certificate in Business Continuity Management

5 Day Course
Official Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available BCS/ISEB Training Courses.


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Introduction to business continuity management (4 topics)

  • The need for business continuity management
  • The context of business continuity in the organisation
  • Review of risk management fundamentals
  • The business continuity management lifecycle

Business continuity programme management (2 topics)

  • Governance Implementation and reporting
  • Involvement of third parties Documentation

Understanding the Organisation (4 topics)

  • The identification of mission-critical impacts
  • Business impact analysis Horizon scanning
  • Continuity requirements Risk assessment
  • Evaluation of options Business cases and programme sign-off

Determining the business continuity strategy (6 topics)

  • Strategic options
  • People, Premises, Processes and procedures
  • Technology Information
  • Supply chain
  • Stakeholders
  • Civil emergencies

Business continuity response (5 topics)

  • Overall business continuity response structure
  • Types of plans Incident management plans
  • Business continuity plans
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Business resumption plans

Exercising, maintenance and review (3 topics)

  • Exercising and testing of plans
  • Maintenance of plans
  • Review of plans

Embedding business continuity awareness in the organisation (1 topic)

  • Overall awareness Skills training


Management of Risk Certificate [MOR]: Candidates should ideally have 1-2 years experience in business continuity management. ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management [PCIRM]: IT Service Continuity Management Practitioner [ITSCM].