JEE Patterns

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Studying design patterns, such as the patterns presented in this course, assists developers in learning tried and proven techniques for solving specific types of common design problems. The design patterns described in this course help developers design enterprise applications that are more flexible, maintainable, reliable, and efficient.

This course describes the Java EE patterns, which were created by the Professional Services organization and the Java EE Blueprints group of Sun Microsystems, Inc. These patterns are based on these groups' many years of experience with a wide range of enterprise applications. Development teams can leverage this industry experience and avoid many costly and time-consuming project roadblocks by understanding and implementing these patterns.

This course also describes many of the Gang of Four object-oriented design patterns that provide the basis for the Java EE patterns and also provide the basis for good object-oriented design. Understanding these patterns is critical to the effective use of the Java EE patterns and valuable in the design of any object-oriented system.

Students learn how to create effective software designs for Java EE technology applications through a series of lectures and exercises.