Object Oriented Programming with C#

3 Day Course
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C# is a powerful language built into an easy-to-use visual design environment. This course builds on the skills and knowledge gained from the introductory course by concentrating on object-oriented programming. Experienced programmers who have a little C# experience will find this an excellent starting point to their formal training. On completion of this course, delegates will be ready to make effective contributions to development teams working in a GUI environment.

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Review (1 topic)

  • C# Programming Fundamentals.

Data Types (1 topic)

  • Data structures and enumerations.

Principals of Object Orientation (1 topic)

  • Objects, Classes and Encapsulation.

Inheritance (2 topics)

  • Classes, Derived Methods and Properties
  • Polymorphism.

Object construction and garbage collection (1 topic)

  • Instance and static constructors.

Abstract Classes and Interfaces (1 topic)

  • Benefits of Abstraction and Interfaces.

Delegates and Events (2 topics)

  • Using delegates.
  • Creating an event publisher, creating an event subscriber.

Collections (2 topics)

  • The System.
  • Collections namespace.

Error Handling using Exceptions (2 topics)

  • Catch blocks.
  • Properties and methods of exceptions.

Additional Windows Controls (2 topics)

  • Working with the common dialog boxes.
  • The ErrorProvider component.

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