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This course is designed to enable you to create ASP.NET applications that deliver powerful, dynamic web content. The course covers web forms and handling events, web controls and input validation using the new web application architecture and web services. The course also covers debugging in the integrated development environment.

This course is a results-driven, hands-on course which includes a range of exercises using Visual Web Developer with VB.NET. If you would like to tailor the course content to your exact requirements, please call or email.

At the end of this course you will be able to create a web form with Server controls, separate page code from content with code-behind pages, use page controls and components and display dynamic data from a data source by using ADO.NET and data binding techniques. This is a practical and comprehensive introduction to ASP.NET.

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Introduction (2 topics)

  • ASP vs ASP.NET
  • The core differences between ASP and ASP.NET

Working with ASP.NET (1 topic)

  • Setting up the ASP.NET environment

Introducing the ASP.NET framework (2 topics)

  • Understanding namespaces and classes
  • Understanding object orientation

ASP.NET essentials (3 topics)

  • Key ASP.NET points
  • Debug.NET Active Server Pages
  • Setting up the web.config

Separating code from content (3 topics)

  • Advantages of partitioning an ASP.NET page
  • Creating and using Code-Behind pages
  • Creating and using components

Using web controls and HTML controls (5 topics)

  • Using HTML Server controls
  • Using:
  • asp:dropdownlist
  • asp:textbox
  • asp:checkboxlist

Using Web Server controls (2 topics)

  • Using asp:Calendar
  • Using asp:Validation Controls

Building .VB and .ASCX pages (2 topics)

  • Creating code for .vb web services
  • Creating usercontrol.ascx files

Understanding database basics (2 topics)

  • Relational entities and SQL queries
  • Using ODBC vs OLEDB

Using Trace in ASP.NET pages (2 topics)

  • Page-Level Trace
  • Understanding the use of DataAdapter, DataSets and DataViews

Understanding Web Server display controls (4 topics)

  • Understanding:
  • DataRepeater
  • Datalist
  • GridView

DataRepeater (1 topic)

  • Properties, styles and templates

Datalist (5 topics)

  • Properties, styles and templates
  • Useful hyperlink, buttons and bound columns
  • Sorting data
  • Paging data
  • Updating and deleting data

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