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Active Server Pages (ASP) is a Microsoft technology used to create powerful and dynamic web pages and sophisticated web applications. This two day course is designed to give you a comprehensive working knowledge of the essentials of ASP.

During this course you will learn about the concepts behind ASP, understanding ASP Objects and how to use them to create dynamic applications. As one of the core concepts behind ASP is to create data driven websites, the course culminates with the creation of ADOB connections to a database source via OLE DB and ADO in a mini project form.

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What are Dynamic Pages (2 topics)

  • Understanding the three tier technology
  • Why use Active Server Pages

Setup for ASP (2 topics)

  • Setting up your PC to run an IIS web server
  • Understanding the key set up issues

Creating your first ASP page (2 topics)

  • Understanding Server tags and comments
  • Using Server side functions

Introduction to VBScript (3 topics)

  • Variables and data types
  • Loops and conditionals
  • VBScript functions

The intrinsic objects of ASP (7 topics)

  • Understanding object orientated methodology
  • Understanding the key objects of ASP:
  • Request
  • Response
  • Application
  • Session
  • Server

The Request Object (5 topics)

  • Reading in values from the header, forms and cookies using:
  • Querystring property
  • Form property
  • URL parameters
  • Cookies property

The Response Object (3 topics)

  • Redirect method
  • Clear method
  • Cookies property

The Session Object (1 topic)

  • Create and understand sessions

The Application Object (1 topic)

  • Create and understand application variables

Global ASA (2 topics)

  • Understanding the Global ASA
  • Start and End events

The Server Object (1 topic)

  • The CreateObject method

Connecting to a database (6 topics)

  • Using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
  • Setting up DSN's and Connection Strings
  • Connecting to a database
  • Understanding Record Sets
  • Queries in SQL
  • Displaying results

Building a mini application (7 topics)

  • The Books application workshop
  • Writing your own Global .asa file
  • Building a site with Server Side includes
  • Incorporating login and security
  • Search and display values
  • The Build and Admin panel
  • Inserting, updating and deleting data

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