z/OS for Beginners

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To introduce delegates to the z/OS operating system and the IBM systems on which it runs. It introduces z/OS terminology and explains the main concepts employed by z/OS in performing its functions.

This course is designed for anyone requiring a basic understanding of z/OS as an operating system. It also provides a useful introduction for delegates requiring more in-depth training in other areas of the IBM Mainframe including TSO, JCL, z/OS, COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, REXX etc.

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z/OS Introduction (3 topics)

  • The main functions of an operating system
  • z/OS Objectives
  • The Main Basic Business Applications

The z/OS Operating System (6 topics)

  • PR/SM and LPARs
  • The SYSPLEX - its components and functions
  • Mutitasking and Multiprocessing
  • Management of processor resources
  • Processors, Storage, I/O
  • Power-on Reset and IPL

Looking after Data in z/OS (9 topics)

  • Data Formats
  • Data Structures
  • Record Organisations
  • Access Methods
  • Buffering
  • Hardware configuration
  • How data is located
  • VTOCs
  • The Catalog Structure

Running Work in z/OS (6 topics)

  • Categories of work
  • Batch, JES2, TSO, CICS, IMS, DB2
  • Applications Development
  • Programming Languages
  • The Binder
  • Executable Programs

UNIX Services and WebSphere (6 topics)

  • Open Systems Overview
  • The UNIX Environment in z/OS
  • HFS Data Sets
  • Cross Platform Portability
  • Typical UNIX Applications within z/OS
  • TCP/IP, WebSphere, Domino, Integrating the Platforms

z/OS Facilities (5 topics)

  • Storage Management in z/OS
  • SMS, HSM
  • z/OS Facilities
  • RACF and Security Server

The Operators View of z/OS (9 topics)

  • Consoles
  • Console functions and types
  • The Operator Console Display
  • The Hardware Management Console
  • SDSF
  • Messages
  • Message Structure
  • Message Routing
  • Automated Operations

Looking After z/OS (3 topics)

  • The installation process
  • Diagnostic Collection for problem resolution
  • Maintenance aspects


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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