UNIX Audit and Security

3 Day Course

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To provide staff new to UNIX with an extensive insight into all issues connected with security in a UNIX environment. Whilst this course covers many aspects of the UNIX operating environment itself, network security is considered to be a separate issue. Delegates will be able to satisfactorily cope with the day-to-day security administration of a multi-user UNIX site, understand security issues and be able to implement security policies in an enterprise level multi-server environment.

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Course Content (12 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Unix Basics and Getting Help
  • Understanding the UNIX Filesystem
  • Useful Commands for Security Administrators
  • Security and the different “flavours” of UNIX
  • Controlling Access to the System (User and group management, types of access)
  • Controlling Access to the root account and other privileged services
  • Controlling Access to Files and the Filesystem
  • Dangerous Commands (and why they are sometimes needed)
  • Security Implications of Backing Up and Securing the System
  • Monitoring Security Issues on the System
  • Best Practice Procedures


Attendees should be IT literate with a good understanding of similar topics in another operating environment. Ths course assumes no prior knowledge of UNIX.

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