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2 Day Course
Code TSO

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TSO/ISPF is the standard means for IT professionals to interact with z/OS. This course is therefore a vital course in the basic training of all staff working with z/OS. It therefore is applicable to all Application Programmers, Systems Programmers, Operations and Support Personnel new to the TSO environment.

On completion of this course delegates will be able to;

  • Log-on to TSO and control the TSO session
  • Navigate the ISPF panels
  • Create, edit and view data sets and members within PDS and PDSE libraries
  • Perform general utility functions from within ISPF
  • View and manage job output using SDSF

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What is TSO/ISPF? (2 topics)

  • The TSO environment
  • Line mode and panel mode

Using TSO/E (2 topics)

  • The LOGON panel
  • TSO/E commands and the TSO/E profile

ISPF Overview (4 topics)

  • Standard function keys and special keys
  • ISPF panel navigation
  • The split screen facility
  • ISPF settings

ISPF and Basic Data Set Functions (4 topics)

  • Specifying data set names to ISPF
  • The ISPF utility option
  • Allocating new data sets
  • Listing data set information

ISPF View, Browse and Edit (4 topics)

  • Selecting data sets and members
  • Browse, View and Edit line commands
  • The Edit profile
  • Main Edit commands

ISPF Utilities (3 topics)

  • ISPF Utility library functions
  • Renaming members
  • The SuperCE utility

SDSF and Job Management (4 topics)

  • Obtaining job output listings
  • Action codes for job output lists
  • The DA panel
  • Displaying and altering initiators with the INIT option

More about TSO/ISPF (4 topics)

  • Multiple split screens
  • Option 6 - the ISPF command shell
  • The command delimiter
  • Modifying functions keys


Knowledge of computer concepts and disk storage. Whilst z/OS for Beginners course is not a prerequisite, it is recommended.

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    This 2-day z/OS for Beginners training course is an introduction to the z/OS operating system and the IBM systems on which it runs.

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    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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