Mac OSX: For Windows Administrators

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This three day Apple authorised course is geared towards Windows system administrators and IT professionals who need to support Mac OS X users.

The course assumes students are experienced computer users but have little or no Mac experience. The course starts with an introduction to the Mac OS X interface and quickly proceeds to indepth coverage of ongoing maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of Mac OS X client computers.

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The Mac OS X interface (3 topics)

  • Performing basic file management
  • Mac keyboard shortcuts
  • Switching between applications and windows

Configuring your Mac (1 topic)

  • Using System Preferences

User accounts (2 topics)

  • Creating user accounts
  • Troubleshoot account problems

File systems and partitioning options (3 topics)

  • The Mac OS X file system
  • Formatting disk drives
  • File management in OS X

OS X installation and configuration (2 topics)

  • Mac OS X installation process
  • Troubleshooting techniques

Application environments (1 topic)

  • Differences amoung native, BSD, Java and Classic applications

UNIX features (1 topic)

  • Using the Terminal application

File permissions (1 topic)

  • Setting User and Group permissions

Network configuration (1 topic)

  • Configuring OS X workstations for networking

Accessing network services (3 topics)

  • File, mail and web services
  • Basic directory services
  • File sharing technologies

Security issues (3 topics)

  • Understanding Keychain Access
  • Using FileVault
  • The Master password

Printing (1 topic)

  • Configuring printing in OS X

Automation (1 topic)

  • Automator for repetitive tasks

Remote administration (1 topic)

  • Using Apple Remote Desktop

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