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Technological developments have streamlined the process of building an interactive DVD to the extent that it is now realistic to design and build a DVD in a day.

This course will cover planning a DVD, importing DV footage, building menus and buttons, adding audio and markers and testing your finished project. By default this course uses Final Cut Pro/DVD Studio Pro as the authoring tools - if you would prefer to use Adobe Premiere/Encore DVD just let us know. Feel free to bring along any existing DV footage you have.

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Introduction (3 topics)

  • The DVD creation process
  • Planning your DVD
  • Video essentials and terminology

Using Final Cut Pro (7 topics)

  • Organising your media
  • Working with clips in the Viewer
  • Using the Timeline and Canvas
  • A guide to transitions
  • Basetracks and Overlays
  • Applying filters
  • Previewing the results

Titles and credits (2 topics)

  • Animating titles
  • Rolling credits

Menus and buttons (4 topics)

  • Creating still menus in Photoshop
  • Working with Photoshop layers
  • Creating buttons
  • Creating button states

Building your DVD (8 topics)

  • Importing footage
  • Segmenting your material
  • Preparing video content
  • Adding graphics for menus
  • Using video for interactive markers
  • Audio streams
  • Creating, adding and naming buttons
  • Adding and previewing markers

Finalising your project (8 topics)

  • Setting a start-up action
  • Using the Action menus
  • Linking a button to a track
  • Setting actions for when tracks are finished
  • Setting actions for remote control keys
  • Adding web links
  • Setting a timeout action
  • Testing your finished project

What Our Customers Say

The instructors knowledge is fantastically broad and deep!”

Vice President, ABS-CBN

An excellent course, one of the best I have attended for IP training, covering a very wide range of topics.”

MCR Manager, Sky TV New Zealand

Good course, well presented. Good content and mix of theory and practical alike.”

Software Engineer, Commscope

Very good overview of technologies new and old.”

Broadcast Engineer, Formula 1

Very good background to help our development away from Broadcast TV.”

Account Manager, Thomson

Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Good level of detail and industry examples of the technology and its usage. Trainer extremely knowledgeable with a great deal of experience in the field.”

Software Manager, Panasonic

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