QuarkXPress 8: Editorial

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This Quark authorised introductory course has been designed to meet the specific requirements of professionals using QuarkXPress in an editorial capacity such as sub-editors or journalists.

The emphasis throughout the day is on the powerful text manipulation and editing features of QuarkXPress rather than the layout and design features.

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Introduction (3 topics)

  • Tools in QuarkXPress
  • The measurement palette
  • Moving around your document

Basic text controls (11 topics)

  • Different ways of selecting text
  • Importing text and graphics
  • Formatting text
  • Using leading and tracking controls
  • Using invisibles and guides
  • Font substitution
  • Finding and changing text
  • Exporting text from QuarkXPress
  • Saving text in MS Word format
  • Checking the spelling
  • The auxiliary dictionary

Working with layers (1 topic)

  • Creating and editing layers

Style sheets (5 topics)

  • Importing style sheets
  • Creating style sheets
  • Editing style sheets
  • Character and paragraph level style sheets
  • Synchronising styles across several documents

Working with Master Pages (6 topics)

  • Understanding Quark templates
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Adapting Master Pages
  • Applying Master Pages
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Running headers and footers

Working with tables (2 topics)

  • Defining columns and rows
  • Resizing tables

Further text controls (8 topics)

  • Running text around pictures
  • Linking text boxes
  • Using synchronised text
  • Creating text on a path
  • Hyphenation and justification
  • Setting the baseline grid
  • Locking text to the baseline grid
  • Anchored text boxes

Printing (3 topics)

  • Proofing your document
  • Using Quark Job Jacket
  • Using font usage

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