QuarkXPress 8: Advanced

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This Quark authorised course is designed for those who have a working knowledge of QuarkXPress but need to get the most from this powerful application. During the course you will explore Quark's page layout, document management and design tools. The course also looks at the dos and don'ts of page layout, how to use Quark's advanced typographic controls and highlights shortcuts designed to increase production speed and efficiency. This course is designed to turn users into power users.

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Effective page design (2 topics)

  • Dos and don'ts of page layout
  • Merging content from different sources

Advanced text controls (11 topics)

  • Controlling text flow
  • Working with synchronised text
  • Experimenting with indent options
  • Using the Baseline Grid
  • Advanced Styles management
  • Advanced Runaround techniques
  • Inverted clipping paths
  • Reshaping text and picture boxes
  • Converting text to outlines and filling with pictures or text
  • Creating better looking Drop Caps
  • Anchoring boxes and lines in text

Typographic controls (6 topics)

  • Creating custom hyphenation and justification settings
  • Saving and appending hyphenation and justification settings
  • Using the hyphenation dictionary
  • Using tabs in QuarkXPress
  • Using drop shadows
  • Using Rules in QuarkXPress

Colour and output (6 topics)

  • Using Quark's colour management systems
  • Understanding RGB and CMYK
  • What is the difference between the colour models?
  • Colour matching in Quark
  • Creating colour separations
  • Spot colours and CMYK

Document facilities in XPress (5 topics)

  • Multiple layouts
  • Generating a table of contents
  • Working with Composition Zones
  • Tips and tricks with Master Pages
  • Using the Table tool

Document facilities in XPress (6 topics)

  • Finding and changing by font or style
  • Generating a table of contents
  • Multiple undos in XPress
  • Creating lists and indexes
  • Using nested and run-in indexes
  • Using the QuarkXPress library

Bezier and Freehand tools (2 topics)

  • Punching holes in shapes
  • Running text on Paths

Text effects in QuarkXPress (2 topics)

  • Using transparency
  • Creating drop shadows

Working with layers (2 topics)

  • When and why to use layers
  • Creating and editing layers

Using Runarounds (2 topics)

  • Editing imported clipping paths
  • Running text inside 'holes' in pictures

Printing your work (4 topics)

  • Font and Picture usage
  • Creating rules for Job Jackets
  • PDF export from QuarkXPress
  • Before you print: a checklist

Essential shortcuts (1 topic)

  • A guide to valuable shortcuts

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