Adobe Fireworks CS4: Fast Track

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Adobe Fireworks is a popular tool for creating and editing graphics for the web. The course covers how to create and edit graphics with both vector and bitmap images, work with layers, build buttons, add rollovers, slice images and optimise and export web graphics. This course is ideal for anyone new to Fireworks who needs to be able to create professional web graphics.

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Introduction (6 topics)

  • Fireworks editing modes
  • The Fireworks interface
  • The Menu and Toolbars
  • The Property Inspector
  • Gamma settings
  • Working with Smart Guides

Working with bitmap graphics (9 topics)

  • Importing images
  • The Marquee and Lasso tools
  • Adjusting bitmap selections
  • Using the Filters menu
  • Using the Select menu
  • Modifying bitmap images
  • The Eraser and Rubber Stamp tools
  • Painting and drawing tools
  • Using the Measure tool

Working with vectors (9 topics)

  • Adding Vector Objects
  • Changing the appearance of shapes and text
  • Using the Layers Panel
  • Drawing freeform paths
  • The Pen and Vector Path tools
  • Using strokes and fills
  • Combining simple paths
  • Using masks
  • Using transparency and blending

Hotspots and slicing (4 topics)

  • Image Maps
  • Assigning URLs to hotspots
  • Slice tools
  • Creating slices

Creating navigation elements (7 topics)

  • Fireworks and JavaScript
  • The Behaviours Panel
  • Creating rollovers
  • About frames
  • Creating buttons
  • Disjointed rollovers
  • Creating a Pop-up menu

Integration with Dreamweaver and Flash (6 topics)

  • Using the Optimise panel
  • Using the Export Wizard
  • Using the Export dialog box
  • About Roundtrip HTML
  • Creating an interactive PDF file
  • Placing and editing Fireworks vector graphics in Flash

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