Adobe Fireworks CS3: Fast Track

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT040

This course has been retired in favour of the newer CS4 and CS5 versions.


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Introduction (5 topics)

  • Fireworks editing modes
  • The Fireworks interface
  • The Menu and Toolbars
  • The Property Inspector
  • Gamma settings

Working with bitmap graphics (8 topics)

  • Importing images
  • The Marquee and Lasso tools
  • Adjusting bitmap selections
  • Using the Filters menu
  • Using the Select menu
  • Modifying bitmap images
  • The Eraser and Rubber Stamp tools
  • Painting and drawing tools

Working with vectors (9 topics)

  • Adding Vector Objects
  • Changing the appearance of shapes and text
  • Using the Layers Panel
  • Drawing freeform paths
  • The Pen and Vector Path tools
  • Using strokes and fills
  • Combining simple paths
  • Using masks
  • Using transparency and blending

Hotspots and slicing (4 topics)

  • Image Maps
  • Assigning URLs to hotspots
  • Slice tools
  • Creating slices

Creating navigation elements (7 topics)

  • Fireworks and JavaScript
  • The Behaviours Panel
  • Creating rollovers
  • About frames
  • Creating buttons
  • Disjointed rollovers
  • Creating a Pop-up menu

Integration with Dreamweaver and Flash (5 topics)

  • Using the Optimise panel
  • Using the Export Wizard
  • Using the Export dialog box
  • About Roundtrip HTML
  • Placing and editing Fireworks vector graphics in Flash

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