Adobe Flash Lite: Introduction

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This is a comprehensive, practical Adobe authorised course for those who want to create professional, dynamic content for mobile phones and consumer devices. Adobe Flash Lite allows developers with no prior Flash experience to develop content for mobile devices including downloading music, getting maps and directions, navigation systems, photography and creating animations and games specifically designed to take advantage of mobile device capabilities.

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Introduction: working in Flash (5 topics)

  • Creating a new mobile device Flash document
  • Setting stage dimensions
  • Using the Mobile Emlulator
  • Supported devices
  • Identifying the development cycle

Creating / importing graphics (3 topics)

  • Different graphic formats
  • Layering Flash elements
  • Optimising graphics for mobiles

Effective use of text (5 topics)

  • Static and dynamic text
  • Embedded vs device fonts
  • Using anti-aliased text
  • Adding Input Text fields
  • Font best practice for mobiles

Creating animations (7 topics)

  • Using the Timeline
  • Frames and keyframes
  • Motion tweening
  • Motion guide layers
  • Shape tweening
  • Optimising symbols
  • Animation best practice

Using behaviours (4 topics)

  • Adding Actions to a frame
  • Creating and using button symbols
  • Adding behaviours to a button
  • Loading external SWFs

Interactive rich media (3 topics)

  • Using MovieClip symbols
  • Using Actions to control a timeline
  • Responding to user actions

Adding sound and video (4 topics)

  • Synchronising audio
  • Adding sound to a timeline
  • Embedding video
  • Preparing Device Video content

Dynamic data (3 topics)

  • Loading external SWF files
  • Dynamic XML data
  • Persistant data

Publishing your applications (4 topics)

  • Compressing SWF files
  • Publishing for deployment
  • Installing and testing Flash Lite on a mobile device
  • Adobe Flash Lite Exchange

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