Adobe Flash CS4: Advanced Actionscript 3

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This Adobe authorised course is for Flash designers with some ActionScript knowledge who wish to use more advanced ActionScript techniques to remove any reliance on timeline based tools and features. This course will enable you to use ActionScript to create dynamic design and navigation elements in Flash that cannot be created any other way.

The course covers advanced techniques for working with graphics and text, methods for advanced graphics loading, using ActionScript to create sophisticated animations, customising components and working with XML and cascading style sheets within a Flash environment. The focus of the course is on Class based, external code development.

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Introduction (2 topics)

  • Exploring a finished project
  • Reviewing ActionScript 3 fundamentals

ActionScript animation (10 topics)

  • File size benefits of scripted animation
  • Animation on a straight path
  • Animation on a curved path
  • Random movement
  • Screen wraps
  • Removal and regenerations
  • Velocity, acceleration and decay
  • Cosine, sine and arctangent
  • Essential Math equations for animation
  • Scripted easing

ActionScript 3 Class Development (7 topics)

  • Principles of OOP
  • External code vs source code
  • The 'empty' package and package paths
  • Constructor functions
  • Access control modifiers
  • Public, internal and private methods and properties
  • Local/global variables

Further Class development (9 topics)

  • The Document Class
  • Creating Custom Classes
  • When and what to import
  • Inheritance and composition
  • Extending MovieClips and Sprite
  • Planning and scalability
  • Working with multiple Classes
  • Understanding compiler errors
  • Planning, testing and version control

Using XML (14 topics)

  • XML basics
  • XML with E4X
  • Loading XML with URLLoader
  • Preloading external data
  • Testing
  • Handling load errors
  • Looping through the XML tree
  • Arrays and XML
  • Retrieving attributes and data
  • Populating dynamic text fields
  • Parsing XML data into Flash data
  • Working with arrays of objects
  • References to external graphics
  • Creating XML powered applications

Working with text (5 topics)

  • Reviewing the text controls - dynamic, static, input
  • TextFormat Class
  • Loading CSS
  • Formatting text with CSS
  • Working with HTML text

Advanced graphic techniques (12 topics)

  • Loading JPEG/GIF/PNG and SWF files
  • Preloading external graphical content
  • Positioning content
  • Using addChild and removeChild
  • Masking with ActionScript
  • Displaying random images
  • Dynamic filters and blends
  • BitmapData Class effects
  • Perlin Noise
  • The drawing API
  • The Matrix class for gradients
  • Dynamic transitions

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