Adobe Flash CS4: Introduction to ActionScript 3

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Adobe Flash: Introduction to ActionScript is a three day Adobe authorised training course designed for people who already have some experience of using Flash to create animations and non-dynamic content and who want to use Flash to create dynamic content and learn the fundamentals of ActionScript 3. Please note: this course is for those intending to use ActionScript vs3, if you are working with version 2 you should attend the Introduction to ActionScript 2 course instead. If you are not sure which version to use, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

The course assumes no previous programming or ActionScript experience and will provide you with the core skills needed for developing Flash websites, dynamic content, interactive presentations, games and more.

This course has been designed to enable designers and web developers to exploit the vast potential of Flash CS4 and to explore the power and functionality of ActionScript 3.

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Introduction (2 topics)

  • ActionScript 3 - strengths and weaknesses
  • Object Orientated programming concepts

Declaring and tracing simple variables (4 topics)

  • Declaring a variable
  • Setting its datatype
  • Assigning a value
  • Tracing its value

Setting MovieClip object properties (3 topics)

  • Creating a MovieClip symbol object
  • Assigning an instance name
  • Setting default property values

Setting button object properties (3 topics)

  • Creating a button symbol object
  • Setting default property values
  • Assigning runtime property values

Setting TextField object properties (3 topics)

  • Creating TextField object properties
  • Assigning an object name
  • Displaying concatenated text

Displaying Math constants in a TextField (3 topics)

  • Calculating a value
  • Using Math class constants
  • Displaying calculated values

Displaying system values (3 topics)

  • Adding code to keyframes
  • Displaying player version
  • Displaying time lapse

Declaring a user defined function (3 topics)

  • Passing arguments
  • Calling a function
  • Displaying return values

Using code layers (2 topics)

  • Loading external MovieClip content
  • Linking objects in separate external movies

Attaching MovieClips at runtime (1 topic)

  • Exporting a symbol for Actionscript

Reformatting TextField objects at runtime (2 topics)

  • Creating a TextFormat object
  • Creating and formatting a TextField at runtime

Display a formatted date (1 topic)

  • Display date object values

Displaying random integers (3 topics)

  • Displaying a random value
  • Calculating a random value range
  • Rounding a random value to an integer

Understanding path names (2 topics)

  • Using absolute path names
  • Using relative path names

Migrating On handler code to timeline (1 topic)

  • Writing an onPress() handler

Creating MovieClip rollover (6 topics)

  • Writing handlers to manage TextField input
  • Displaying visual feedback to form entry
  • Adding object and instance properties
  • Adding a method to an object
  • Using a Sound object to link or load sounds
  • Creating audio feedback

Looping over Array Values (2 topics)

  • Tracing array values
  • Tracing names and values

onRollOver events (1 topic)

  • Writing an onRollOver handler

Creating a visual class (1 topic)

  • Creating an init() method

Animating MovieClips with ActionScript 3 (1 topic)

  • Convert tweens to ActionScript

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