Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Advanced with ColdFusion

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Adobe Dreamweaver: ColdFusion Application Development is an Adobe authorised course for those who already have some experience of using Dreamweaver to build static web content and who want to combine Dreamweaver and ColdFusion to create dynamic, data-driven websites.

This three day course is designed to develop practical Dreamweaver experience and essential ColdFusion skills. At the same time you will gain an understanding of database functionality allowing you to build professional dynamic websites.

The course covers setting up a simple dynamic application. You will cover how to configure your site to pass data between pages, communicate with databases, filter and display dynamic data, authenticate specific users, work with dynamic forms and build update pages. This course is the fast-track to building more responsive, data-powered sites. If you wish to work on your own website or project as part of the course, please let us know.

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Getting started (8 topics)

  • Course objectives
  • Static vs dynamic pages
  • Introducing ColdFusion
  • Developing dynamic pages
  • Including common code
  • Setting up a home page
  • Creating template files
  • Creating headers and footers

Using the database panel (6 topics)

  • Creating a database connection
  • Using the database panel
  • Creating a connection to an Access database
  • Using the Bindings panel
  • Creating a simple recordset
  • Creating an advanced recordset (areas and locations)

Binding data to a page (4 topics)

  • Binding data to a page
  • Using Live Data View
  • Formatting data using the Bindings panel
  • Inserting a dynamic image

Customising recordset display (6 topics)

  • Introducing Server behaviours
  • Displaying all rows in a recordset
  • Introducing Application Objects
  • Using the Recordset Navigation Bar to browse through recordsets
  • Displaying Recordset Navigation Status
  • Using Server Debug View

Building drill-down interfaces (4 topics)

  • Generating dynamic links
  • Using dynamic filters in SQL
  • Using the Dynamic Table Application Object
  • Creating a master-detail page set

Creating a search interface (4 topics)

  • Reviewing HTML forms
  • Dynamically populated drop-down menus
  • Creating filtered recordsets
  • Using form data to filter a recordset

Inserting rows into a table (4 topics)

  • Creating a form and using Insert Record Server Behaviour
  • Validating form data using behaviours
  • Creating dynamic form elements
  • Using the Recordset Insertion Form Application Object

Updating records (6 topics)

  • Creating an interface for updating data
  • Displaying results in a table
  • Creating pre-filled forms
  • Using URL?parameters
  • Using the Record Update Form AO
  • Manually creating a form

Deleting records (5 topics)

  • Understanding the delete process
  • The delete confirmation page
  • Passing hidden data in a form
  • Using an SQL Delete statement
  • Using the Delete Row Application Object

Authenticating users (6 topics)

  • Setting and retrieving cookies
  • User authentication as a web application
  • Building the registration pages
  • Building the log-in page
  • Creating an Application.cfm
  • Restricting access to pages

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