Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Developing ASP Applications

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Developing ASP Applications is a three day course for those who already have the Dreamweaver skills required to build static web content and who want to combine Dreamweaver and ASP to create dynamic, data-driven websites.

This popular course is designed to develop the real world practical Dreamweaver and ASP skills required to build professional, dynamic sites (if you are working with PHP - please call for a separate course outline).

The course covers setting up a site and building a simple, dynamic application. You will cover how to configure your system to pass data between pages, send and receive email, communicate with databases, collect, process, filter and display dynamic data, authenticate specific users, work with dynamic forms and build update pages. If you wish to work on your own website or project as part of the training - this course can be taken as individual tuition or as a private company course.

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Getting started (8 topics)

  • Defining a static site
  • Creating the contact page
  • Creating a new page based on an existing page
  • Working in design view, code view and split view
  • Inserting and formatting text
  • Inserting images from the insert bar
  • Creating tables
  • The Property Inspector and the Properties Panel

Dynamic web sites (6 topics)

  • Dynamic web site basics
  • Choosing a server model
  • Redefining the site for dynamic development
  • Developing with a local server
  • Developing with a remote server
  • Building a simple, dynamic application

Passing data between pages (3 topics)

  • Understanding the HTTP protocol
  • Retrieving data
  • Setting and retrieving cookies

Sending email from a web form (6 topics)

  • Introducing SMTP email service
  • Writing code to send emails
  • Introducing objects, methods, functions and properties
  • Creating the web form
  • Emailing dynamic form values
  • Client-side form validation

Databases on the web (3 topics)

  • A crash course on databases
  • Connecting the site to a database
  • Creating recordsets and displaying database information

Practical example: building a Tour Price calculator (10 topics)

  • Creating the pages
  • Building the form
  • Collecting, processing and displaying the data
  • Adding server-side form validation
  • Creating the conditional region
  • Creating and applying a custom CSS class
  • Dynamically populated drop-down menus
  • Creating filtered recordsets
  • Revising the calculation script with live data
  • Documenting your code with comments

Filtering and displaying data (5 topics)

  • Preparing the input page
  • Generating URLs dynamically
  • Preparing the output page
  • Populating page layouts dynamically
  • Adding dynamic images

Building the tour descriptions (5 topics)

  • Creating recordsets with joins
  • Building the descriptions
  • Inserting images and alt attributes
  • Implementing recordset paging
  • Passing data to other applications

Managing content with forms (2 topics)

  • Creating the admin section
  • Creating the form interface

Building search interfaces (4 topics)

  • Creating the Search All link
  • Searching by region and country
  • Switching SQL statements
  • Testing and debugging

Authenticating users (3 topics)

  • Building the registration pages
  • Building a log-in page
  • Restricting access to pages

Building update pages (2 topics)

  • Planning master-detail pages
  • Making the detail page updateable

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