Adobe Captivate: Introduction

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Adobe Captivate is an increasingly popular way to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations for distribution in Flash format. Captivate records your actions in any software application and creates a simulation which can be published online or on DVD for use in training, sales, marketing or user support.

This two day task based Adobe authorised course is designed to give you the skills to build powerful and engaging software simulations and demonstrations.

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Introduction (2 topics)

  • The differences between simulations and demonstrations
  • Describing Captivate projects

Recording a software demonstration (4 topics)

  • Using the menu bar, toolbar, timeline and filmstrip
  • The storyboard and edit views
  • The Slide properties dialog box
  • Checking the timings of your project

Working with text captions (2 topics)

  • Auto-generated text captions
  • Inserting and editing captions

Working with the Timeline (1 topic)

  • Previewing the Timeline

Working with images and objects (5 topics)

  • Inserting images
  • Setting image properties
  • Setting object transitions
  • Merging images
  • Setting project preferences

Recording software demonstrations with audio (2 topics)

  • Scripting and recording a project
  • Enhanced audio management

Recording an interactive simulation (4 topics)

  • Recording options dialog box
  • Importing Powerpoint slides
  • Moving slides on filmstrip
  • Inserting buttons and text entry points

Inserting rollover captions and images (4 topics)

  • The rollover caption dialog box
  • Adding click boxes
  • Adding animations
  • Adding highlight boxes

Inserting question slides (2 topics)

  • Planning for questionss
  • The Question Types dialog box

Using e-learning features (2 topics)

  • A learning management system
  • Describing the manifest file

Using Menubuilder (1 topic)

  • Linking to Flash SWF files

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