Adobe Premiere CS4: Advanced

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This course is designed for those who want to take their editing skills in Adobe Premiere CS4 to the level of a professional editor. We also recommend this course for those planning to gain Adobe Certified Expert status.

The course covers advanced editing techniques, media management issues, getting the best from Premiere's and After Effects' filters, optimising your system, working with sound, visually effective ways of working with text, working with motion and transparency, optimising video for broadcast, multimedia and the web and the options available when exporting for DVD.

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Overview of features (8 topics)

  • Media handling
  • Effective media management
  • Batch capture procedures
  • Tapeless camera support
  • How to recapture material into a project
  • Archiving Premiere projects
  • Effective use of scratch disks
  • Importing Final Cut Pro projects

Optimising your system (6 topics)

  • Working in realtime: what hardware is needed?
  • Adding a PAL or NTSC monitor
  • Setting external video parameters
  • Opening multiple projects
  • Checking playback settings
  • Working with third party video capture cards

Advanced editing (8 topics)

  • Using Ripple and Roll
  • Using Slip and Slide
  • Replacing clips retaining attributes (eg: filters)
  • Using the Trim window
  • Unlinking video and audio
  • Editing hints and tips
  • Using multiple, nestable timelines
  • Inserting FLV cue points

Working with effects (5 topics)

  • Using Effects controls
  • Channel and Directional blur
  • Masking effects
  • Using After Effects filters
  • Keyframing effects

Importing files (5 topics)

  • Importing from Photoshop
  • Importing Photoshop layers as a sequence
  • Using effective graphics
  • Photoshop integrations
  • Working with transparency and Alpha channels

Customising keyboard shortcuts (9 topics)

  • More about text
  • Using the text tool
  • Looking at optimised fonts
  • Using text on a path
  • Using kerning and leading
  • Using textures
  • Creating rollers and crawls
  • Creating text backing straps
  • Hints and tips for effective text creation

Using sound (7 topics)

  • Sample level editing
  • VST filters
  • Nesting sound tracks without rendering
  • Track based effects
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Transcribing to text
  • Speech search

Working with motion and transparency (6 topics)

  • Setting keyframes
  • Using alpha channels
  • Using the colour key
  • Using a track matte
  • Using improved slo-mo
  • Time remapping

Exporting video (8 topics)

  • Exporting to tape
  • Exporting for broadcast
  • The importance of de-interlacing
  • Integration with After Effects
  • Exporting for the web
  • Exporting stills
  • Output to mobile devices
  • An effective export guide

Exporting to DVD (8 topics)

  • The Export to DVD feature
  • Burning to DVD
  • Integrating with Adobe Encore DVD
  • Using the Quicktime and Adobe MPEG formats
  • Encoders
  • Working with variable bit rates
  • Customisable swf output
  • Hints and tips on producing effective material

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