Adobe InDesign CS4 and XML

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This one day Adobe authorised course explores InDesign CS4's powerful support for importing and exporting XML allowing you to publish existing InDesign content to almost any media.

You will cover how to add XML tags to InDesign documents and export the contents to an XML file which can then be reformatted for the web, mobile devices, eBooks or even other InDesign documents.

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Understanding XML tags (6 topics)

  • Using the tags panel
  • Applying tags to graphics frames
  • Applying tags to text frames
  • Applying tags to blocks of text
  • Using bracketed tags
  • Creating your own set of tags

Importing XML files into InDesign (5 topics)

  • Setting up a document for importing XML tags
  • Setting up your tagging structure
  • Using the Import XML command
  • Specifying whether imported elements should replace existing content
  • Working with untagged elements

Tagging an InDesign document (6 topics)

  • XML tags vs tagged text
  • Using the New Tags command
  • Editing tags
  • Importing and exporting graphics for XML
  • Adding tags based on PDF structure tags
  • Creating automatic layouts using the XML rules engine

XML terminology and structure (5 topics)

  • Understanding structure: using sequential and hierarchical relationships
  • Using parental elements and child elements
  • Using sibling elements
  • Dragging and dropping elements
  • Understanding attributes

Preparing a document for export (5 topics)

  • Mapping styles and tags for XML
  • The Map Styles to Tags dialog box
  • Matching style names to tag names
  • Using Structure View to revise the levels of hierarchy
  • Using the Cross Media Export commands

InDesign and other applications (2 topics)

  • Using Adobe Acrobat structure tags
  • Using Article, Figure and Artifact

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